Hsinchu, (Xinzhu) Manga

Across from the front gates at Jiao Da is a great western restaurant run by a lady who has lived in NY for 30+ years; teach her how to cook it and she will.

Best BLT of my life.

Yes nice lady and good food. She used to have her restaurant inside Chiao Tung but was kicked out because it was realized, after so many years, that it’s location may pose a fire hazard. …or something.

The restaurant might be a little hard to see but it is behind the small temple and part of that ugly collection of high rises that clutter the skyline.

Manga still exists and is now part of the owner’s other restaurant called New York, New York. Up until a few months ago they were 2 separate places about 1 minute apart. Now it seems they are in one location. They give you both menus when you are seated.

New York New York has great wraps, sandwiches, salads and rice class meals like curry or stew with rice and veggies.

Manga has pasta set meals mostly from around 320 - 400nt. Includes salad, pasta, bread, soup, drink and dessert.

The New York NY food is way better than the Manga stuff. I can’t understand WHY they don’t cut their lettuce for the salads yet.

Is the new restaurant in the same place?

Really close. Before Manga was on the left side of that big apartment complex right? The New York New York is to the right, before the 7-11 and almost directly behind the guard station for that building’s underground parking. You can’t miss it - it has a huge green and white sign.

If you are on Facebook you can find information on it here, (we have a Hsinchu Foodies page for great (and not so great places to eat in Hsinchu) right now you can find some of the photos on p. 6 of the photos we’ve got posted. Trust me it’s easy to find and totally worth the visit! :slight_smile:

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