Hsinchu's western bars have gone down the tubes

This is a very local issue I have. I live in Hsinchu. The two most prominent western watering holes have gone down the tubes in the past 2 years, so I’de like to get some feedback on good pubs here in Hsinchu that I’m maybe not familiar with. The two basic landmarks, Flying Pig and Pig and Whistle have really gone downhill in atmosphere and entertainment. The Flying Pig used to be a western watering hole and has been sort of converted into a Chinese coffee-shop type atmosphere by the newer management. They still have a DJ and a bar but they have these couches and stuffed chairs around, with candles, which I admit can make it a nice place to relax with a lady friend, but it’s just not the rocking place it used to be. As for the Pig and Whistle, no more 2nd floor live bands and DJ entertainment every night, including Fridays and Saturdays. In fact, the 2nd floor has been closed for some time now, though they still misleadingly advertise on an outside sign, that they have dancing up there. The Pig and Whsitle is just a quiet little “cheers” bar, now. It’s Ok to go for a beer and have a meal but also not the party atmosphere it used to have and nothing compared to the other Pig and Whsitle fanchises around Taiwan. OK, so fellow Hsinchu dwellers, let me know some other places that I’m not aware of and their general locations. I don’t want to go all the way to Taipei county to dance or meet women. cheers!

Try the alley courtyard at NOVA in shing-zoo before it opens. Bring your wallet.