HSK test examples

I would like to get hold of some study materials specifically geared toward the hsk basic and intermediate levels. I know there are some bits and pieces on their homepage but the links are broken.
if anyone has anything which they dont need, i would gladly buy them from you

I think you’ll have a hard time trying to find HSK materials in Taiwan. You may have some luck in HK, but the supply is still spotty. I’ve been able to find HSK mock test books in HK, but shops rarely stock the tapes that go with the books :x . HKU, the sole HSK administrator in HK, has absolutely nothing. The only bookstore that usually has materials is Commercial Press in Star House (next to the Star Ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui). For the past few months, they have had a small but steady stock of mock test books; they’ve sometimes had the tapes in stock. If you really want to get some heavy duty prep materials, you’ll have to go to the mainland. The bigger “book cities” not only have jillions of mock exam books, but also have explained prep exercise books and other reference materials that would be helpful when cramming for the HSK. You will notice that even within one prep book, the difficulty varies according to no pattern; this is just like the real exam.

The book city in Shenzhen may have a good selection. I’m going to try to have a look soon. If some one can suggest a safe and reliable way for me to be reimbursed, I would be open to buying and sending over HSK materials to you Taiwan dwellers. Alternatively, you might find a couple of online book sellers who stock HSK books. Their selection is still rather limited when compared to the big mainland book cities, though.

you can go to Google Search

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