This phone looks amazing! Apple is going to have to push pretty hard to beat that!

If you can get your hands on one, you can use it on Asia Pacific (A+) if you have the connections to do so. I don’t know if you’ll be able to hook the Evo up to any of the WiMax network in Taipei though…would be sweet if it were possible.

I cant. View the flash on my phone here. What does it do exactly that the present phones don,t?

HTC has some amazing technology out there now. I have several colleagues that use the HTC Touch Pro 2 and have found that it has all the bells & whistles they need for mobile working.

If I were to need such techno-mobility its probably what I would get.

I do not know if its available here, but I do know that it has been used on the island.

Definitely an amazing peice of kit. Hopefully battery technology catches up at some point. Because this thing must devour batteries.

Would love to see the day nano-cap based batteries hit the field. The near instacharge nature could be good stop gap before actual energy density goes up. eg: 1500mAh @ 10amps = 0.15hr = 9min time to full charge from a wall wart. You could get close to 30amps or so with a battery buffer or caps and really good connectors and zap the phone to full charge from zero in 3min.

In the meantime I guess we just have deal with plugging in whenever we can for as long as possible before going on the move again.

I really wish we could have made nuclear batteries safe. They would make mobile electronics so fucking awesome.

Wow. I want one.
This Android stuff is sure looking better than my iPhone.

It seems that people either love it or hate it, depending on whether they can get solid battery life or not.

In customary HTC fashion it will be available everywhere in the world except Taiwan. If they’d made the Desire available in Taiwan when it was available everywhere else I wouldn’t be stuck with this bloody iPhone I have now.

Anyone want to swap a month-old iPhone 3GS 16GB for a Desire?

You want amazing? Have a look at this Evo screen scratch test. One guy attacked his Evo screen with a penny, keys, a screw, and a razor blade. After you’ve seen that, look at the aftermath.

Looks like there are still some major issues to be resolved before this phone can overthrow the iPhone.
Screen Problems: … sive-scre/ … on-issues/

wouldn’t overblow these too much - these are the type of teething issues that happen when a phone ships every month versus one a year. that said, the evo has had quite a share of issues, from initial security issues to this screen issue.

the glass test is a bit silly. it’s glass. you can do the same thing on your windshield (or iphone) with the same results.

I think it’s great. You certainly can’t do that with any glass.