Hualian Photo Booth


So I need to find a photo booth early in the morning tomorrow. Really late with this, I know so I’m trying everything to get some info tonight.
I haven’t seen anyone around Hualien, but maybe a fellow forumosa user knows where I could find one?

Maybe I just have to wait around until like 10 am and find a photo shop somewhere…

Anyhow, thankful for any tips.

Found one through the help of a fellow Couchsurfer :slight_smile:

Although it turned out that I didn’t need any photos in the end. Anyhow, for any future Hualian photo-booth craving people out there it is to be found at Carrefour, 2F. If you enter on the second floor, it’s to your right, just pass the counter and you’ll hopefully see it. I didn’t because it was a “fold-out” photo booth so I just asked the nice lady behind the counter :slight_smile:

It’s $150 and you pay over at the counter once you’ve taken the photos.