Hualien 花蓮

Well, I found out I’ll be living in hualien, on the east coast.

I am very excited! Any info about Hualien would be great, thanks.


I lived in Hualien for about a year, and just left there about 9 months ago.

The air is better than other cities in Taiwan. People are generally friendly and laid back. The cost of living is a bit lower than in the big cities (especially Taipei). There’s not a whole lot to do, but Taipei is only 3 hours away by train.

For a list of places to go in Hualien, go here:

Why did you “find out?”

Because I recived an e-mail from my first host family.

I had assumed I would be going to Taipei, but I’m actually glad I’m not. I think I’ll have more oppertunities to shuo zhongwen in Hualien, and Taipei is just too big for me. I should be a great year.