Hualien Nightlife

Any suggestions? Is there anyplace to go later in the evening for drinks or hang out? Any live music or single people places?

Linsen Road used to be the spot with River, Allstar, and some other places but they are mostly gone.

Front side of the train station was traditionally a nightlife place but not so much now from what I can tell.

There are a few sit down pubs near the night market.

The Moose Bar and Grill? This is a big maybe because I’ve only gone there for lunch (very good) and noticed an okay selection of whisky and beer. The owner is Canadian. At the very least, he would probably join you for a drink.

I loved The Moose but it closed for good last week.

That’s too bad! We were in Hualien just a few weeks ago but didn’t go there. Too pricey for Hualien? I wonder why it didn’t last.

I’m already missing their Reuben sandwich.


Google search “花蓮市 酒吧” or go into maps and if you’re location is in Hualien, just type in “酒吧”. 20 some odd spots popped up. You just have to figure out if they are open late night or not.

A lot of us have visited Hualien, but I do not believe we have a resident Hualien Forumosan, so you will just have to check the Google reviews, Yelp or TripAdvisor. The ol fashion way of trial and error works too.

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I’ve been in Hualien for years. You need to believe more.

Saying that, I don’t do town much. Moose is now shut, AllStars & River still pump their stuff. There’s Ken’s Surf-Shack-whatever just down from Dos Tacos.

Ginsman is good but $$.

193 Bar is near B&Q.
Chicago / SaltLick can pull folk in.

The trick is finding a place with atmosphere/something happening …

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I could’ve sworn you were down in Taichung or Nantou. I am proven wrong!

We’re treating a couple (expat husband, Taiwan wife but lived in US for some years) to dinner in Hualien. Salt Lick highly recommended? We went together to Ed’s Diner in Taipei previously and we always talk about going again. Thanks.

If you like Ed’s, you’ll equally love The Salt Lick. Two of my faves! Introduced both to my Taiwanese aunties/cousins and they all really enjoyed both.

Thanks for that. Yes, I love Ed’s. Looking forward to trying Salt Lick.

And from their blog:

The Salt Lick barbecue house and bar has the best selection of craft beers in Hualien. We keep up to 25 different beers from Canada, Belgium, the U.S. and Taiwan cold and ready to be poured. We also offer Stella Artois on draft.

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Yep, I was going to mention they seemed to have a nice selection of imports in their fridge. I remember sampling an IPA my first time there a couple of years ago.

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I don’t really have anything new to report after a few nights in Hualien. Not much, same places as mentioned earlier.

  • Moose has closed.
  • Allstar and River.
  • Dos Tacos is a good place for a drink and meet people, it’s kind of central to some bars, and the food is ok. Across street is Bony-Lee African food and live music sometimes.
  • Chicago Pizza is ok for some drinks.
  • Salt Lick is good food (not really nightlife place) but I think it was better when I went there a year ago. Was there with about 10 people who mostly said the same.
  • PP Bar is good for drinks and chatting with locals after hours and they’ll stay open as long as anyone is around
  • Backpacker places near train station can be good for drinks, chatting, maybe some live music.
  • There are a few places near train station I want to try that look like basic drinking places.
  • Wanted to try Ginsman, Oz, Graftbeer Garden, Surf/Wave, and a few others connected to hotels like Peace Prison and 1709 which has live music sometimes.
  • Some KTVs for drinking and singing. Went to a 24 hour one at 2am. Didn’t stay.

You got all that from…just a few nights?

Were you eating 5 meals a day? :smiley:

I was on a mission to find out nightlife. Also, been there many times before so this trip was just an update and summary.

Salt Lick was the real deal. The chicken shrimp gumbo, fries, and of course the ribs really hit the spot. We got other things but those are the things that did it for us.


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I lived in Hualian 2013-2014 and Salt Lick was my go-to Western food place. Good to know they’re still thriving. I’ll have to check out their new place Chicago the next time I’m there.

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Hey folks. We just updated our 2018 Hualien Visitors Guide and have a section on the best current bar offerings in Hualien. You can check it out here.

The Moose and the Crank Union are both closed unfortunately.

I see Salt Lick and Chicago have merged into a single location. All good. The barbecue was good as usual.