🏞 Hualien & Taitung | NT$500/1000 Travel Subsidies

I recommend points further south as more relaxing places to hang out. Perhaps Ruisui?



Heading in that direction in the morning :+1::+1:

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In guanshan now, this is a definite hit, my kids are giving it 100 out of a maximum 10 points. I’m going to go with a more conservative 10/10. Honestly can’t really deduct any points. Will be interesting to see how well Taitung holds up in the polls after a couple more days. :smile:



Ok that sounds pretty cool tho

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Yeah seriously. When going to Okinawa I go to the platform where you can watch all the American jets and copters take off and land. In taitung*, there’s a small patch of grass at end of runway outside fence where you can watch the air force jets take off and land.

If being able to do that at the pool?!?! That is something I don’t think I’d mind paying extra for.

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It was ok the first couple of times, especially as some jets were doing rapid turns, flying low etc. After a while it was definitely not a plus though, especially when you factor in the machine gun fire and army trucks. Much better experience today at a pool that isn’t smack in the middle of a simulated battle zone.

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Why Guanshan?
The bicycle paths or rice fields? Or?

Believe it or not it was a misclick on Agoda. Worked out well though with the bicycle paths, and there is a bouncy castle paddling pool in the park. There is a nice vibe in the town too, friendly locals, and no stuka pilots :sweat_smile:



Some people have trash talked the valley communities lately. I like them! Chishang for coffee; Yuli for a wider range of food. Nice people, nice places!


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This voucher scheme sucks. Here’s Michael Fahey’s take:

Must have Taiwan ID card. All foreign nationals excluded including this one who just paid income tax in Taiwan for 33rd year. How am I supposed to feel about my tax dollars subsidizing a subsidy program that I am ineligible for solely because I am a foreign national.

Source: x.com



They valley is great. The corruption is real. But they have serious heat, water, erosion, land and heat issues. I guess as far as tourism is concerned (a big part of taotungs governments push) I only know of 3 dead people due to the hot air balloon festival so far this year. 2 weeks in. Some crushed cars, buildings ran into etc :grimacing:

Be careful folks. The drivers out there are good for Taiwan, but they are being murdered by the influx of impatient assholes. Drive safe. If you’re riding bikes, scooters etc. Stick to smaller roads. The amount of damage already is as expected, and quite severe (traffic).

If people are driving and already there. The small cross mountain routes between the valley and the ocean are gorgeous. Check them out. Less busy, absolutely stunning. I’ve been working in the area for a few months now, and heading to the rivers for a dip is truly a saving grace!

If you’re still in Guanshan, there is a decent beef noodle shop near the big family mart. Behind the town, the bike path is nice (hugs the mountain and has shade****) and has a view over the area. The rice farms are all pretty much done Harvesting, if that’s the goal wait 2 months when they have grown up again :slight_smile:


Wait, what?

What? I know of 3 dead people due to the tourism idiocy there. Just in these couple weeks. It will still rise due to absolute society level fail on logic, safety and selflessness issues. Ibalso see lots of damage to private property during these weeks. Even the hot air balloons themselves crashing all the time. And that’s the government spending disgusting amounts of our tax money on this thing for nearly no economic gain outside real estate.

The traffic situation in Taiwan is NOT a joke :sob:

I noticed that the main road goes through the centre of town, so there are large trucks rumbling by. Those ‘look like an open highway but suddenly turn into a pedestrian junction’ type set ups are kinda asking for trouble alright.

Was so enamoured with guanshan that we booked another night and then got an inadvertent free upgrade to a spa resort. The youngest then decided to counter by grabbing the bulb on the bedside lamp. I hadnt even noticed there was a lamp. So all hell broke out after that.

So guys seriously: do not grab any lighbulbs they are hot. I repeat: the lightbulbs are hot, be careful. :sweat_smile:


If light bulbs are the biggest worry you had in Guanshan, great. People die there every week based on said horrific driving “skill” and enforcement. There are traffic lines in that town that would make a 3rd grade student learning geometry question his teachers sanity…I can take pics if you don’t believe me. At least of the lines. My photos of ER visits and accidents I am told cannot be shared publicly. But the governments cluster fuck logic is fair game! I have similar experiences elsewhere. The difference is populationdesnitiy, and the ratio seems skewed. Small towns plus big road plus lack of any kind of governemnt safety logic equals sad realities.

To be fair, its not any different anywhere else in this country. The main difference is its a small town, with a main artery of a road runing through it (same for: beinan kinda, chulu, luye, guanshan, cisheng, fuli, yuli, guanfu and etc) and an influx of tourists which also have no right having a driver’s license.

The government is spending absurd amounts of money kot only opening up the #9 roadway but also doubling the east coast railway. With nearly ZERO respect for improving safety. On any metric. Expect the death counts to rise.

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Chishang! Or Ikekami if you like to be more historically on point.


Huh? I’m just following the signs’ dictated spelling, don’t shoot the messenger. This time it wasn’t a typo. At least not on my part lol :joy:

On the signs I saw around the town here over the last few days many of the distances are indicated in units of Kilocalories. So I guess either its super health consciouss or there is an idiot in the sign production mix.

That would be worthy of a photo if you see them again! Kilo calorie is pretty amazingly off the mark. I drive through some towns that romanized Hakka and makes no sense in the Mandarin world. Sometimes the signs are just meters apart from the Mandarin pinyin. Which pinyin, you may ask? :joy:

It’s a pitty there isn’t a standard here. Or sumthin.

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