Well, I have been in Taiwan for just over a week, and love it (becides the stray dogs and no one liking ice water…why?)
The food is great! I some some of y’all bitching, but I love it!
Here; some pictures. … ure045.jpg

Oh! When I went to HuaLian on work they have to shove me in the damned car. My boss was yelling “FOB!” (well, he yelled something) “GET IN THE VAN!!!” And I was begging for one more day.

I’ve been to Hualien three times now. It’s a cute little place, easy to get around, and the people are pretty friendly.

The first time I went, I decided to walk back from East Hawaii to my hotel room without a map. It had just been pouring and I was still wet from swimming. The temperature climbed to the 30’s, but I had a bottle of ice cold water so I wasn’t too bad off. I just headed in the direction I thought town would be in and got there about an hour and a half later. That was fun. And no, I’m not being sarcastic.

Hualian used to be such a nicer place when they didn’t have that big ugly port there. The government also took back all the Japanese style houses close to the shore to create apartments. Sigh…I sure miss the longyan, papaya and guava growing in those yards.

hey i live here now. will study mandarin at tzu chi language center. :slight_smile: