Huanan online banking

Not sure whether this belongs to “Technology” or “Business and Money”, but here’s the question.

I have an online banking account with Huanan, which I’ve never used before. Now I want to transfer money from my Huanan account to my bank account back home. I remember, one can only transfer money to accounts that have previously been applied for and I remember having applied for it, but I can’t find were to make the transfer on the website… :help:

I go to 轉款 and have no options for accounts.
I go to 外匯 and can’t find anything there either.

So, is anybody familiar with the website and knows, what I am taking about? I am currently overseas and can’t just walk in and ask them, so any help would be appreciated. No worries, I am not starving and urgently need the money, but want to get it done asap.


There are 即時轉帳或預約轉帳 above that page.
You can try it again.

Yes, that’s what I did. No luck so far.


I did it ,er.
Click the 即時轉帳and it shows your account on the left .
And on the right ,you can choose the bank and money you want to transfer to.

Well, yes, but the bank I want to transfer to is not on the list of applied banks. Know what I mean, you cannot just write something in it, if you want to make payment overseas, can you?

Ah,I see.