Huashan Music-House closed?

Went to Huashan Music-house for the first time this Saturday and heard from a waitress that this would be their last day. I had a great time with my friends and we enjoyed the live music and atmosphere there.
Has anybody heard about this place, probably the whole compound, closing down? If yes do they plan to reopen somewhere else?

I’d hate to see this place close down. After a hard-won battle against the Legislative Yuan, the Taipei city government gave the piece of real estate to the local art community to manage. I’ve gone to an avant-garde theater performance/fashion show there, as well as a contemporary art exhibit. Never went to the music house though. The Huashan compound is a diamond in the rough, with lots of potential to add to the diversity of Taipei.

I was down there Friday night and she also said Saturday was the last night. At the time I thought she meant for the event they were holding, but now I think about it, maybe she meant forever. there are no printed programs of events for the future… :frowning:

Don’t know anything about it, but, is it possible they were talking about a temporary closure due to the whole “people-are-terrified-of-SARS-and-won’t-go-out-anymore” epidemic that’s sweeping over the island? Otherwise, yes it would be a shame if that place closed. It’s a good venue.

No, it’s not. The manager-dude phoned me on Saturday and told me they were closing down. They were having problems before SARS, or so I was told. It is either a permanent closure, or at least 3 to 6 month…I think permanent is more likely.