Huawei: A Trojan Horse Inside Taiwan?

Kitsch Liao, a Taiwan-based cybersecurity specialist, said that Huawei has built backdoors that serve as a dual-threat to communications—capable of both espionage and sabotage.

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It’s been speculated and expected for a while. They already banned Xiaomi in military bases here and were looking to do the same for Huawei and other Chinese phones

Would be a laugh wouldn’t it? China can conquer the world by making all telecoms not work if everyone used hwawei.

my goodness

Well kNown for years.

By the way the Americans have backdoors built into Windows, Intel Chips…

First of all why do people buy Chinese phones anyway. They’re bajillion Brands out there why the freaky would you want to buy xiaomi or Huawei. Second why don’t Taiwanese people buy their own brands at all. This is pathetic.


Because they are cheap.

But yeah, you won’t catch many Koreans not sporting a Samsung or LG over a Huawei.

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I’d rather have American spyware than Chinese spyware.


I imagine it’s got to be frustrating watching Taiwanese people knowing what you know from your other heritage.

I don’t live in Taiwan and I buy Asus, HTC ,Giant.

Please name one “american” phone that isn’t made in China??? Almost all mobile phone are made in China or Korea (including Asus & HTC) - Whoops - they’re all spying on us!

It’s not that easy to insert spyware into third-party software. Theoretically possible, but not easy.

More than likely the software isn’t supplied to the manufacturing company at all; it’ll be installed prior to packaging/shipping at another location. Any one manufacturer rarely gets the whole package because (historically at least) they tend to rip the product off and sell cheaper versions out the back door.

But yeah, they are all spying on us, and have been since radio was invented. It’s nothing new. Only the methods and the reach are different.

Probably best not to live or travel in the USA - as the NSA is spying on every mobile phone used in the country - they actually admit to doing so. OH NO, the world is coming to end…Google, Facebook, Apple, China, NSA all spying…best not to have a phone at all!!

This is Trump level simplification of how the supply chain works. To make an iPhone, Apple contracts with multiple suppliers to make the different components. Foxconn in Shenzhen is merely the final assembler of these components and one of many suppliers Apple contracts with. It doesn’t go to Foxconn and say “make me an iPhone and I want these specifications” and expect Foxconn to procure all the components on its own. Instead it goes to TSMC and says “make me a processor chip and I want these specifications” and TSMC does so in Tainan and is instructed by Apple to ship the goods to ASE, its chip assembler in Kaohsiung, and ASE is then instructed by Apple to ship the packaged processor chip to Foxconn in Shenzhen for final assembly into a completed iPhone. The same goes for the other components such as having Largan make the camera lens or LG make the screens.

If what you say is true, then all mobile phones are made in Taiwan. There isn’t a single smart phone on the market that doesn’t have a Taiwan made component.

To insert spyware into the phone you need to alter the design undetected. You can’t do it during the manufacturing process without causing the entire system to fail. Due to multiple and redundant automated checks in getting the design implemented into a product, this really can’t be done by a single rogue employee - you need the entire testing or design team to be compromised.

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It’s not the phones, it’s the network hardware and mobile cells they are doing, Huawei has replaced Ericsson and Alcatel in many markets.

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Same with ZTE.

I’d bet even chinese citizens would prefer american spyware.

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It always amazes me how you “US liberals” have to always bring a negative Trump comment into the conversation… even though the past 8 yrs. of Obama’s head in the sand policies are now coming back to haunt the US! (Just kidding, but it would be nice to hear what you personally think rather than a veiled Trump rant).

If you still don’t get it, try reading this: (hint: it’s not a real letter)

Much of the technology and know-how needed to make an iPhone exists only in Asia and most of it isn’t even owned by Apple. They couldn’t move their production to the US without convincing dozens of other companies and thousands of technical staff to make the move as well.

Trump does know Terry Guo. Whoever wrote that is smoking Crack.