Huawei: A Trojan Horse Inside Taiwan?

Is there any factual evidence that Huawei has backdoors or sends any info back to China? I haven’t seen other real evidence other than conspiracy theorists- they must have bugs built in and therefore they must report back to HQ in the mainland. Has anyone found a bug? Can it communicate back to the mainland?

Surely the Taiwanese are savvy enough to detect this? Just getting tired of of the soap opera when no one has produced a stitch of evidence yet.

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Huawei has been banned in all government agencies since a long time ago, but I don’t see how the government can regulate which smartphone people choose to buy.

That’s the point of being a ‘backdoor’, it’s supposed to be hidden or obscured.

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" China summons US envoy over ‘inhumane’ detention" :rofl:


They would know.

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Of course It can. Just ban Huawei made cell phones over national security reasons.

China would no doubt retaliate on Taiwanese firms. And could be a bad perspective on Taiwanese “free” market.

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Huawei cell phones are mostly made of components produced by Taiwanese companies. Not going to happen. But they want to ban the network equipment.

Taiwan banning Huawei telco equipment:

Cell phones might be a different story:

The company has 2,000 suppliers worldwide, with many of them in Taiwan, it added.

Where would Taiwan’s OEMs be without Apple and Huawei?

Not quite. Nearly all smart phones use an ARM chip. It get’s hazy as to who is doing what, but ARM is the lowest most physical level, perhaps they could build a backdoor in.

They get sold to companies like Samsung, who add in whatever custom feature or IP bit they might have. So more than likely Samsung could put a backdoor in.

Finally a company like Apple picks up the chip and finalizes the customization process for specific LCDs, keypads, memory requirements and so on. No doubt they could build a backdoor too.

The manufacturer, is the least likely to be able or even wont to build in a backdoor. All software codes are locked down, checksums made all components specifically listed and a manufacturer would be in a world of pain if it deviated from any of those even a little and it ended up causing a problem.

If Huawei is doing the equivalent of the Apple development role, or even the Samsung development of ARM chips, then of course it can build in backdoors undetected.

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What percentage of their market is Taiwan?

No idea. My point is that hurting Huawei will hurt their Taiwanese suppliers. No way the Chinese government would not retaliate.

"Listen Taiwan, you let us spy on you or … " :thinking:

There’s no need to ban huawei phones. But govt personnel shouldn’t use them.

My colleague was just verbally telling me how to make the PANDAS module in Python faster by telling it what data type to expect. Then I open my phone, open Google News, and then the article entitled,“A Beginner’s Guide to Optimizing Pandas Code for Speed” pops up on the front page.

This is creepy. I have an HTC U11+.

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Inside Taiwan? Huawei’s penetration is far deeper in Europe.

:point_up_2: following @Gain, For smartphone units sold globally, it’s #2 behind Samsung and ahead of Apple. Naturally, a significant amount of that is sold domestically.

It is #2 in Central and Eastern Europe as well since far less people in those countries can afford an iPhone.

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