Huawei MediaPad

So I had to renew my contract and since my cellphone is still working, I chose to buy a pad instead. Went for the ASUS, but they were sold out, so the guy offered me a Huawei MediaPad. All reviews say it is the bees’ knees, second only to the iPad.

It is quite versatile, nice image and sound. So far, magazines look nice, battery life is awesome, and I am just waiting to test it with DLs of Supernatural as the final trial. So far, so good.

However, being paranoid about everything Chinese brand, I fear whether I must limit my usage to certain areas or what - meaning I will be watching a lot of Japanese porn to keep the one cent army entertained.

I am mainly concerned about whether my online shopping will be endangered somewhat. And I was looking forward to expand my horizons in that field.

Did I read that correctly. Please tell me I did.

Well, I suppose that those poor Chinese nerds will need some inspiration to get them through the day.

or at least, make them earn their salary

from wikipedia on Huawei:

“Ren Zhengfei, a former deputy director of the People’s Liberation Army engineering corp, founded Huawei in 1987 in Shenzhen. Rather than relying on joint ventures to secure technology transfers from foreign companies (which were often reluctant to transfer their most advanced technologies to Chinese firms), Ren focused on local research and development to produce the switches through reverse-engineering of foreign technologies.”

So, it’s 1987 and not even a decade has passed since Deng Xiaoping’s famous statement to open up China to the world (for investment), and yet Ren gets to set up a significant technology company. Who do you think funded him? Considering he’s PLA, you can guess the answer. Reverse engineering foreign technologies. Gee, any idea that PLA also implants its own eavesdropping technology on Huawei phones. Use Huawei phones at your own risk given its background.

So, I will keep on using a Chen Shui-bian background for their amusement. Any other suggestions? Prominent pro independence FB groups, anyone?

Honestly, I am more worried about credit card info than anything else.

Not long ago I’ve seen the Chinese flag recreated using poop in place of stars. You could use that as wallpaper, and rename every desktop icon as “Taiwan #1”, changing the order of the letters.

Yep. I got that one. Can’t remember what it was about, but yes, I saved it.

Please share any suggestions as to how to annoy the one cent army even more. So far we got:

  1. Japanese loving pages, especially in Chinese. Porn gets extra points

  2. references to Taiwan independence, Taiwan number 1. chen Shui-bian images for the effect

  3. Artistic variations of traditional PRC symbols. The flag is a good start. Me, I hate pandas.

Pardon my French but MIERDA!!! Now what can I do?! I’ve been using this thing for years!!!

When they reopen the gulags, your trusty mediapad will provide all the proofs they need. GG, WP.

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Well, trusty pad is no longer trusty. One of the reasons I use it a lot is work: I browse the net for interesting news and do a screenshot of the page with pic to show my boss faster -and simpler, too.

Well, all this week, I do that search in teh evening. When I wake up, all screenshots are gone.

It doesn´t happen to downloads from FB or Twitter. Funny enough, the pic is somehow taken, as I can see it in the evening and it is saved in Google Photos. But some are saved like halfway, rest is blank. Then in the morning, it is like those pics never existed. As if the machine did not save them at all. Weird.

What do you guys think? Virus or physical malfunction?

Well, I think it is about time to scrap it and send it to the old country. Any recommendation for a new pad, I am all ears.

Are you taking screenshots of news in HK? Big Red destroying any evidence…

Maybe a memory issue no space to save them, so they are being deleted to free up more memory. Then re-sync is deleting the files in the cloud. Or the other way around.

LOL, HK news, :rofl:

Actually, the files / photos are in the cloud, OK, but some are just like cut off in half. I’ll show you when I get home.

Interestingly, there is plenty of memory left, both in the machine as in the SD card.


More than half of the SD card is empty.

And this Friggin thing keeps erasing images. Downloaded some cool China flag Chinazi themed drawings. Gone now. Can’t even upload the screenshots of the gone images. They are disappearing now from Google Photos.

That really should not be happening.

I have that happened to me one time and I realized I was deleting the photos in another app thinking they would stay in Google photos but they didn’t. Required some setting changes I think it’s been awhile.

I have found one moved to Archive. But these latest ones did not even load to Photos.

Maybe you already know this. Can check albums in Google Photos, then the area called “photos on this device” and scroll through.

My boss had a spare Samsung phone bought in China.
It keeps downloading stuff in background even it’s not connected to Google Store (cannot connect actually).

Ok, now this thing is becoming freaky. Aside from not recording the images I want to keep, now random phantom images and pictures from who knows were are appearing a la The Ring. Where is it getting them from and how are they being saved is a mystery.

I am so getting this thing nuked.

You see the first two images? I did not download those.

Oh, and if you look in the file, they are not there. But when you want to share an image, they show up in the menu. So they do not show as photos on the device…Yet there they are. Spooky.