Huawei store in Taipei?

Hello all,
Is there a Huawei store in Taipei or a place where I can buy Huawei phone without a data provider plan?
Xiaomi has a store in the 2nd floor of the Xingtian Temple mrt building where you can buy the phone with no plan.
Then you can choose whatever prepaid card plan option.
I’m looking for something similar, but like to buy the new Huawei that is coming out.

Pick something from this list: … /index.htm
(choose “台北市” for ‘Taipei City’ and click the button first)

You can paste the addresses into Google Maps directly. From a quick look at the list, it seems many of the authorized resellers are concentrated in the Guanghua Market area; there are also some in Shilin (near night market), Ximen and Neihu.

Cannot find a store in guanghua area. Any other ideas? Want to buy the watch.

Huawei doesn’t have any stores in Taiwan, it’s a Chinese company LOL. The link that the previous user provided to you directs you to a list of authorized resellers in Taiwan. You obviously have to click that and upon selecting the city you’ll find numerous resellers . Like Landtop for example.

Do you read Chinese? Even if not you can just order it online rather then going out and searching for a reseller.

Thats just a link to U mall that’s selling the watch but there are others. Heres a link to prices for the watch online .

there is a hw store next to guanghua in the new mall. there is also an opo store in the same mall

7.2 inch screen
Article says Taipei Breeze is Huawei’s 10th store in Taiwan.