Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2015-2016

Hello Everyone! I hope you all can help answer my 2015-16 HES question.

I was wondering if they were still granting year long scholarships. I will be applying through the Washington D.C. TECRO office and their application has changed the duration of the scholarship, lasting either 2 months (for the Summer) 3, or 6 months with the option to put more than one time slot. I will be studying for a year at ICLP, I was wondering if I put down two 6 month periods would I theoretically be granted a 12 month award or would they only grant one of those 6 month time periods? Looking at the English MOE website, they still state that the HES can be granted for a year so I still have hope I can get a year long scholarship.

Stumbling onto other TECO websites I’ve seen applications with 12 month time slots, 9 month slots, and applications with only 6 month time slots without the option to put multiple times. The lack of a standardized application makes things confusing. :ponder:

Sorry for the block of text and thanks in advance!

Hi Tlorp,

Looks like I am going to be one of your fellow classmates next year at ICLP! :slight_smile: Maybe we’ll even end up in the same 班 :slight_smile:

I’ve run into your problem as well. I would just write in the full year-long period as suggested on the application. For example, for #8, I’d just write in Sept.2015 - Aug. 2016… At least, that’s what I’m doing.

Although this particular question is a little bit flustering, my biggest pet peeve with this application is the lack of check boxes in proper places, or things already written in or not enough space to type out everything necessary, not to mention the lack of uniformity. In any case, that’s just how things are. :unamused: I’ve also been perusing the TECRO websites and apparently, each district office can determine whether they want to cut up year long scholarships into smaller segments to give more people an opportunity to study in Taiwan. This may be due to the influx of people wishing to study Mandarin nowadays. Perhaps Taiwan is just getting the credit it deserves as a great location to study as compared with mainland China.

With any luck, one or both of us will get this scholarship (for however long it’s determined). Good luck!


Nice to meet you Tim!

I tried emailing and asking the point of contact to clarify some things, but the answer I got was completely opposite everything on the website. :s I’m going to try calling them next week at some point. If I manage to tease out a proper answer I’ll post it here in case anyone else is confused. If I can’t seem to find a good answer I was planning on just doing as you said and putting down the entire year. Hopefully it’ll all go alright.

Good luck to you too! Hopefully we do run into each other at NTU.

Hello everyone!
I’m Marco and I will try to win the HES from Italy.
In our application form, they don’t specifically ask for the duration. I will just write as the study plan that I want to stay the most, all year if I can.

There’s one thing that I don’t understand: what do they mean with “references”? Who do you think is better to put in there?
In our application they never say you have to attack the letters, there’s only the space for name, position and address (real or e-mail).

Thanks in advance!


hello Marco the reference is simply your principal, supervisor, lecturer or teacher. He/she should write a letter of recommendation for you TYPED and sealed in envelopes. you should attach this with your application…

Thanks Urijela for the answer!

I graduated from University in 2009 and now I’m working for a company. I don’t have someone from University that can write a letter. Maybe someone from work? Or some people that I know (friends) back in Taiwan? I really don’t know…

OK someone from work sounds great…when is the deadline for your country?

It’s March 31.
Thanks, I think I will try to have some references from someone at work.

I’m also still not sure about the school. My first choice is Fu Jen because price is good and I like the location, but I couldn’t find anything people said about teaching quality.
The other option is probably NCCU because they say is more focused on speaking.

I don’t know much about language program as I’m applying for a degree course, I think NTU is great

Hi everyone,

I’m applying for the Huayu scholarship from Italy, but I don’t understand one point of the scholarship. For the summer language intensive courses, do I need to pay by myself the tuition fees or is it that the scholarship includes these expenses?
I don’t think it’s clear in the application form.

P.s. It’s ok to have references from your boss or colleagues, if you work then they are the ones who can judge your capabilities at best.

Hello everyone,

I’m also applying for this Scholarship, I’m in Taiwan now working but will apply to the San Francisco office (since my perm. address is in WA). I arrived here in the summer of 2014, and have taken like half a class learning Chinese at the Chung Yuan Da Xue MLC during the summer quarter, but then dropped due to monetary reasons. Am I totally boned on receiving this scholarship ever then? I’m applying to start in the fall quarter of 2015 for this scholarship, and hoping that because its been a year, and it wasn’t even for the full quarter, it’d be okay, but I’m not sure. Does anyone know or have experienced this before? Cheers

Hello peeps!

I’m a bit confused regarding the scholarship. It is asking for two references, but only their name, Position and Phone/E-mail address. Who should I get as my references. I’m in Newcastle Uni at the moment, so should I get my course leader and my DDP? :ponder:

Hi Sdattero,

As far as I can tell the scholarship will just give you 25,000 New Taiwan Dollars every month to help you either live or study. What you do with that money is up to you. If you get the scholarship you can use that money to pay the language program’s tuition, but the scholarship does not automatically pay for the language program’s tuition.

Hope that helps.


I’m not entirely sure what a DDP is since I went to school in the US, but from what I can tell it looks like they should be a valid reference. A current or old professor or an old supervisor would be good as well. Basically anyone who can vouch for your work or study habits.

Good luck everyone!

I applied to the UK office last year and was offered a one year scholarship. I’m now halfway through my course at TaiDa, and it was definitely one of the best decisions i’ve made.

re references, if you can get one from your current language teacher that helps a lot

Thanks tlorp for the reply. I’ll get on it right away! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anybody know whether it is a good or bad thing to have spent considerable time in Taiwan? I was there from from June until December 2014 in addition to a couple of months back in 2012. Do they like to see this or would they rather take people who haven’t been to Taiwan?

Also, does anybody have any advice re: writing the study plan/whole application in Chinese? Is that impressive or unnecessary?

I’m pretty sure everyone always does it in English. I’d rather get it right in English than try to impress them with Chinese and have a bunch of mistakes.

That said, I was accepted at NCKU and will be sending my HES application in tomorrow or the day after. Apparently my university gets 2 years worth of the scholarship reserved for its students, so I might have a higher chance than others :discodance:

Good luck to everyone.

Just sent my application to the San Francisco office, best of luck to all of us! Applied to NTU (Not their ICLP).

For SF it said the amount of scholarship is just 7 (not counting how they might split it up), is the Huayu scholarship really that competitive? Guess I’ll find out in the upcoming months D:

Sorry about reviving this slightly old thread, but I figured it’s better than making a new one!

Who has heard back re: the scholarship? I’m lucky enough to have received an award, but now I really don’t know where to choose to go to, as I keep on hearing many different (sometimes contradictory) things. I applied to NTNU, NTU (CLD) and NCCU. A lot of people in here seem to have gone with CLD. Half my friends say NTNU, half say NTU and my teachers have told me NCCU.

Personally I think I prefer NTU and NTNU because of location, but beyond that I feel I might as well just roll some dice to choose between them. Anyone who has any advice or can share their experiences, I would really appreciate it.

I just heard back from the Washington D.C. TECRO office, so any other DMV applicants should hear back soon. I’m glad I got a scholarship but I’m sad dc doesn’t offer year long ones since I’ll be at ICLP for a year. :frowning:

Whatever program you choose Parkemoon I’m sure it’ll be good, but I’ll throw my throw my support behind NTU since I’ll be there. :laughing: