Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2017-2018


Ah that is great! :3 We should definitely hang out. Have you found a place to stay yet?


I’ll be starting in the winter session at CLD too! In terms of places to stay my friend who also did the same thing last year said it’s best to start looking 1-2 months in advance :blush:


A girl who went to NCCU from my university said 25,000 was more than enough to live on, especially since you’re a bit further out from the centre. But then again, prices may have changed, tbh I’m finding that it’s gonna be a stretch :cold_sweat:


No I haven’t, isn’t a bit too early?


Yes, haha it’s probably too early. I just get ahead of myself! Either way, I’m very excited.


who all is coming from the LA office? i wont be able to make it since i’m leaving for taiwan in a couple of days. sad i’m going to miss out.


Hello everyone! Sorry, I have been away from my computer lately focusing on school & work. I will actually be attending MTC or MLC at Chinese Cultural University. I’m not sure yet. Tuition is really expensive at MTC & CLD, I’m going to really have to delve into savings. The stipend of 25000 will not be enough as it will only cover living expenses. Tuition at CLD is 40000, at MTC its 36000 and MLC its 22000.

Does anyone know how and when we get the money?



In the information packet I downloaded before applying I found this:

a. This scholarship is granted twice a year. The first payment, which is due on September
30th, covers the period from September to December and summer classes. The second
payment which is due on January 15th covers the period from January to August. The
verification process to grant funding should be completed before putting in another
request. The recipient list and the receipt made out to the MOE from the Mandarin
Language Centers are mandatory for verification purposes. If unable to apply in time for
their grant, the Mandarin Language Centers should pay the monthly allowance in advance.

So I guess we get two lump payments.


You sure about this? I’m currently at the end of my scholarship and we have been receiving the payments monthly.

Maybe they have decided to change it for next year, but this would make no sense. How would they be able to check that you keep up your grades and pass the tocfl if you get paid for 6 months at once in advance?


Well, no I am not sure about it. That is just one of the paragraphs in the International Student Directions document. Maybe that means the school gets the money from the government at those times? It certainly is better if we get monthly payments. I suppose that information would be more clearly explained in the admission packages from our schools


I found out last week that I was accepted for 9 months! I applied for the National Kaohsiung Normal University in Kaohsiung, but I’m thinking of changing my mind and applying to the National Sun Yat-sen University instead. If anyone else is going to be in Kaohsiung, let me know!


Was National Sun Yat-Sen in the list?


Yes it is!


I’ll be going to NTU’s CLD starting in August. At least there, it comes through the post office monthly. Details for NTU CLD specifically are at:

My current understanding is that the schools get paid twice a year, but should give it to us monthly.


Hey! Is someone attending the CLC @ NSYSU in October? Cheers from Germany:)


I was a winner for a year long study 2013 to 2014. The entire application and waiting period was an incredible amount of time lol. I think I had 1 month to prepare, iirc. It’s been a long time. It was totally worth it, but they only issue you money like a month AFTER you arrive, and in bursts, so… Hope you saved money!

100% worth the wait and last second announcements


Is anyone attending the orientation in Boston, USA? c:


I will be! I’m attending from September through May! :slight_smile:


Hey, good to know other people on campus:))! Are you also staying at the International House? Cheers :v:t2:[quote=“dani, post:78, topic:159593, full:true”]
I will be! I’m attending from September through May! :slight_smile:


Yeah I hope so! I haven’t finished my dorm application yet though