Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2017-2018


I will be attending from September to the end of May as well! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I have applied to stay at the dorms when I sent my application, but haven’t got a reply yet. Did they let you know already?


Hello Mavi ,
Could you provide some insights on what the $25000 can cover, example rent… also how does it work if you semester fee is higher than the monthly stipend. Also how do they monitor your expenses ? Do I have to provide receipts of my expenses ? Bank statement ? Xie Xie in advance


The $25000 can cover everything, I have a few friends that survive solely on the stipend while taking classes at Shida in Taipei. But you will definitely have to be careful with how your spend you money. You will have to share an apartment with other students, eat at cheap restaurants or cook at home. You can probably forget about stuff like going to nightclubs, and even meeting people at Starbucks is saved for special occasions. I think a more realistic budget is probably closer to 35000 a month.

As for the rest of your questions, as long as you show up for class you’ll get the money no strings attached. You dont have to show them how you are spending it and if your semester fee is higher than your stipend then you will just have to pay that out of your own pocket.

Also be aware of that it will take some time before you get your first stipend, we received ours 1.5 months after class started. So remember to come with enough money to live for at least two months, security deposit, semester fee++.


Mavi! Thank you son much for this insight ! I will be in MTC this September if I can be of help.
Xie Xie


Hey there,

I recently got an email from my counties Taipei liaison office congratulating me on receiving a 12 Month Huayu scholarship. I registered for this scholarship around January. But since then ive already been studying Chinese in Taiwan since march.

The only thing im concerned about is that on the mofa website it states that currently enrolled students may not apply. Considering I applied before I was enrolled I believe I am not breaking any of these rules? Also when registering I actually had a meeting with my countries Taiwanese secretary and was very clear that I will be attending class starting from March. So any thoughts? Do they know what they are doing or will it possibly be revoked?



Hello nelson are you still studying in mtc now?? Tnx


Yes I am ! Anyway I can be of help?

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Hello guys anyone there who is enrolled in mtc at this moment?? I will


Hello im from philippines and you are from?? I just send my application form in the philippines if god permits i can enroll for the fall (sept -nov) hows your stay here and hows the mtc teaching method?? Can i add you in line?? Thnak you


Yeah sure! What’s your line Id?

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Does anyone know if it’s feasible to find a job teaching English with a Bachelors degree, while attending language courses in the mornings through this scholarship? Ideally over the 2 month summer option, although I’m interested in the school year as well.

Edit: Posted in wrong thread meant for 2018-2019


You can’t work while on this scholarship if your ARC is for the purpose of studying. You need a work visa to legally work in Taiwan, even if it’s a part-time job.