Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2018-2019


As far as I know, there is no change of related laws on students.


Yeah I figured. No problem :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! Just applied for the scholarship for 9 months from September :slight_smile: I’m from Belgium; Anyone going to study at NTNU’s MTC?


Hi guys anyone applied in Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages? Yesterday I asked my Taiwanese friend who happened lives in Kaohsiung and she said it’s really a good uni. Living cost there is more affordable than Taipei and people are more friendly. Can’t wait to come in September :smiley:


I’ve heard good things about Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages as well! Kaohsiung is a great city (I’ve lived there before). I’m most likely applying to National Kaohsiung Normal University, but I don’t think you would go wrong with Wenzao.


err , excuse me how to apply for the 9 months?


I realized that each application is different. For my TECRO application, there was a place on the application to say what length you wanted. But I would assume you just mention it in your study plan/essay.


ohh okaay ~ thanks for the info. :bowing_man: