Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2018-2019


As far as I know, there is no change of related laws on students.


Yeah I figured. No problem :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! Just applied for the scholarship for 9 months from September :slight_smile: I’m from Belgium; Anyone going to study at NTNU’s MTC?


Hi guys anyone applied in Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages? Yesterday I asked my Taiwanese friend who happened lives in Kaohsiung and she said it’s really a good uni. Living cost there is more affordable than Taipei and people are more friendly. Can’t wait to come in September :smiley:


I’ve heard good things about Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages as well! Kaohsiung is a great city (I’ve lived there before). I’m most likely applying to National Kaohsiung Normal University, but I don’t think you would go wrong with Wenzao.


err , excuse me how to apply for the 9 months?


I realized that each application is different. For my TECRO application, there was a place on the application to say what length you wanted. But I would assume you just mention it in your study plan/essay.


ohh okaay ~ thanks for the info. :bowing_man:


I am new to this form. I recently discovered this after applying for the HES.

I know this might be a silly question, I checked on LinkedIn for ‘Huayu Enrichment Scholarship’ and the only people who got the scholarship were either Caucasian / black. Do you think they provide the scholarship based on ethnicity? I am worried about this as I am of Asian decent but born in North America.


Well as far as i know the only way to be immediately disqualified is by having a Chinese nationality or being of a Chinese decent. Other than that i dont think it really matters what your ethnicity is.


Well it says somewhere that you cannot be a overseas Chinese student or a national of ROC (Taiwan). I’m just surprised that I haven’t found anyone of Asian decent online who have received this award. They do ask for photos in the application. I am more or less curious to see if anyone here has gotten the award just so I know I have a chance.


It seemed to be based on ethnicity when I did it back in 2011. I can’t think of any Asian Americans I knew on it, but I knew lots of white & black Americans on it.

There were Asians of course, but they were from Asian countries… Japan, etc.

For better or for worse, to Taiwanese people American = white/black. Asian Americans are just Chinese Bridges.

Taiwan is pretty damn “racist” from an American perspective. Stuff that would be shocking in the States (e.g. explicit, outright ethnic discrimination as part of a scholarship selection process) would not even make folks blink twice over here. And TECO is “over here,” technically speaking… I think?


Hey guys! I also did the application in Hungary. The deadline was 04.09.
Did you get any information when the selected will be announced or invitde to the interview? One of my friend won this last year, and he said it was different in every office.


Has anyone worked in Taiwan teaching English and then had a successful application for the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship?

You get $25,000 a month?


Hi everyone! Has anybody heared from their representative office yet?. I applied from the Greece office but i havent heard anything from them yet.


I emailed the NY TECO office that I applied through today to see if they received my application and they mentioned that results would be out tomorrow or next Monday!


I applied from the office in DC and I called them a few weeks ago. They told me we won’t hear back till May/June.


Thanks for your response. Yeah, I applied last year and I didn’t get it. Thought i might try it again this year since I ended up taking additional Mandarin courses and even got a reference letter from my Mandarin teacher. I remember when I emailed them last time (application questions) they responded to my questions, but also said ‘you don’t qualify if your parents are Taiwanese decent’ or somewhere along those lines. I responded and said that my parents are not Taiwanese. At least they didn’t ask me for my ethnicity background - they probably know it would be wrong to do so.

Hopefully I get in this time - fingers crossed. I know last year they got back to me at the end of April as promised on their website.


I just heard back from the NY TECO office and was awarded the 6 month scholarship I applied for!