Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2019-2020

anyone apply & waiting to hear back? the office i applied through says decisions are emailed “before early May”. biting nails…

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I applied through the Chicago office and got accepted 4 days ago!
Did you apply through a different office? I hope you can get it too.

congratulations!! how long is your award?

San Francisco. thanks for the well wishes :slight_smile:

Thank you! I applied for 9 months, but was given 6 months. I’m still very grateful.

Let me know your result!

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still waiting… :alarm_clock: anyone know if they email for negative results or if one only receives an email if they have been selected?

did anyone here apply through SF and hear back?


still waiting as well, i’m from Europe though :cowboy_hat_face: can’t stop thinking about it even for a second, i’m really nervous

I recently applied, i found the procedure to be a bit confusing at times, especially as it seems each centre has slightly different rules…

For example on my form there was nowhere to state the duration of my studies? Did I miss something?

Also if I get rejected can I apply for it again next year or will being enrolled at a university disqualify me?

Also are we meant to send out acceptance letter as part of the application?

From NY – still waiting. Not sure if the NY office simply hasn’t responded or if I’ve slipped through the cracks!

Did any of you send you original acceptance letter from the school or just a photocopy?

@silke Also waiting to hear from NY. The “2019 HES Guidelines” document on the TECO-NY website says that results will be announced today (5/17/19). Anyone know if NY sends emails or letters? I assume they’re not announced on the website, since the summer recipients were due to be announced a month ago and I can’t find any mention of it on there.

@brap I printed the PDF that the school emailed to me. The hard copy arrived a couple of weeks later. Since TECO-NY doesn’t require the acceptance letter until after the scholarships have been announced, I’ll wait until I find out and then ask if they want the original.

Yes that’s what I did in the end since I’m still waiting for the original from NTU

My TECO office was really vague, impossible to get a straight answer out of them.

They will let me know in early July, but only if I got it, they dont contact unsuccessful applicants…

What are you guys doing if you dont get it? still gonna go?

They don’t contact unsuccessful applicants?! Well that’s pretty unhelpful. What TECO office is this? If I haven’t heard back from NY by early next week I’ll email them. It’s 3:15 PM Friday and I don’t have a lot of hope that they’re sending out emails today…

I also chose NTU! What session did you choose? I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t get it. I feel pretty emotionally attached to the idea of going now. You?

I’d rather not say as Ive been critical of them but its not a US one.
Im going to do the fall session at NTU CLD how about you?

I’ve decided to go even if I don’t get it. It will be a massive hole in my savings :money_with_wings: but I’ve been saving up for it…

Fair. But thanks for the reassurance that it isn’t NY!

Winter 2019-20, so right after you. If I get it, I’m sure I’ll have questions. Awesome that you’re committed to go either way, but I hope you get it!

I’ll still be there, because I’m going to do at least 2 sessions :money_with_wings:, and more if I get the Huayu. Feel free to drop me any questions whilst Im there

Oh awesome! Then there’s a decent chance we’re going to run into each other in 6 months! If I get it, I’ll reach out and maybe we can exchange Line/WeChat IDs.

@Shuangmaotai Glad to hear it isn’t just me that hasn’t heard back from the office! I emailed them a couple of days ago and also called them and I’ve also been trawling past threads to see if they mention if it’s via email or letter, but nothing! It’s strange how little there is to find on the internet about the selection process.

I’m also committed to go even if I don’t get it, because I signed up for two sessions (like @brap – can you actually add another session?) and I figured it would be regrettable to let a lack of a scholarship hinder me, especially as Mandarin is really important to my personal life (and probably soon, my academic one).

@brap I replied, but my comment got stick in moderation limbo, probably because I used the name of a social media platform. It’ll probably post soon.

@silke Oh wow, you emailed and called but got nowhere? It would be nice to know the format of the announcement and whether unsuccessful applicants can expect to hear, but alas. I feel a little relief knowing someone else hasn’t heard. Where/when did you apply to/for? And good for you and @brap being that committed. I’m sure your applications were impressive.

I applied for NTU winter 2019 through spring 2020! I figured that I wanted to avoid the Taiwanese summer : )

Oh wow, me too! And for exactly the same reason; I was there last April and the thought of walking to class in August heat and humidity was too much. So that’s three of us (including @brap) who could potentially be at NTU at the same time. I really hope we all get it! I’ll post as soon as I hear anything, good or bad!