Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2021-2022. Should I reveal my ethnicity?

So I am an overseas Chinese here, 3rd generation non-Mandarin speaking. I’d figure that it is time to discover my ancestral root starting from the language. I am applying for Huayu Enrichment, but since the Chinese name question is asked both by the language school and the scholarship form, I am worried that the fact that I am ethnic Chinese will discriminate me. What do you guys think? Especially the winner of the scholarship, are there many ethnic Chinese among the scholarship winner?

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it’s not a problem, it will not impact you in any way.

I applied as an ABC and I made it into the shortlist (the backups in case the actual scholarship recipient declines) but didn’t get the actual scholarship. So I don’t think it is a major detriment to your application if you state your Chinese name. Many overseas ethnic Chinese applicants do apply for the same reason as yourself in wanting to reconnect to your roots. More emphasis will be placed on how you answer your reasons for applying and future plans in Taiwan in addition to having good referees. I focused alot on wanting to bridge more business and cultural connections between Taiwan and my home country (Australia). Good luck with your application!