Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Applicants 2010-2011

Yeah good question Gongfei, I know I’ve been starting to check my email a bit more often these last few days. I’m sure hoping they’ll reply to us by email, whether we get it or not.

I think I read somewhere that they will contact us by e-mail first. They will e-mail you an acceptance pack that has instructions on what to do next to accept the scholarship. I am not sure if they contact you if you do not get the scholarship. I hope they contact everyone whether they get in or not. Can anyone shine light on this?

Called Houston TECO today, the man said that we should have results on Friday of this week. Not sure what form the results will be in, however.


Great! Thanks for the update. Hopefully all the other TECO’s will announce the results at the same time. I will have beer on hand to either celebrate or drown my sorrows.


I put in my application in the TECO in Houston as well. Apparently there are only 8 scholarships…?

Whew… We’ll know by this Friday? I had 3 letters of recommendation. …Going to NTU’s ICLP…

I was pretty sure I would get it but now I’m nervous about it.

I don’t know whats with the TECO Houston office but they seem REALLY disorganized.

I applied to TECO Los Angeles. I had hoped the results would be out by now . . . I’m so anxious about the result.

They will e-mail you whether you got accepted or not.

Seems to be much harder to get this these days than it was when I got mine. My friends applied in various places last year and were told that they were only accepting a handful of students from over a hundred applications

Another Houston TECO applicant! More competition yay! I had 2 letters of recommendation, good gpa from UT Austin, and a certificate saying I passed the TOP Beginners test. Like you I was sure I’d get the scholarship but now I’m not so sure. I studied for 2 semesters in university and took the Beginners TOP just to give me a competitive edge. I hope it helps.

The odds are going down lol

I also had a good GPA, 2 semesters of Chinese, I did not take the TOP however. We shall see. I wonder how many applicants the Houston office got this year?

I sent them an e-mail back in early February about when we’d be contacted and how many scholarships would be awarded. Houston TECO will be awarding 9 Huayu Enrichment Scholarships. No telling how many people applied though. I’d guess around 100 or so, many Chinese Departments at Universities let their students know about the scholarship. At least that’s how I heard about it a few years back while I was still studying.

Did any of you receive a confirmation email when they received your application package? I haven’t heard anything from them.

I didn’t hear anything from them. But I sent my package with tracking and sent an email just to make sure they received everything. Don’t worry if they didn’t contact you. I think they want you to confirm they received everything. For all the Houston TECO applicants out there, good luck. I know I’ll be checking my e-mail quite a bit in these next 24 hours!

So are there any Canadians around? I’m happy to see that everyone posting so far is from America (sorry), gives me a smidgen of confidence! So really, are there any Canadians that have applied? Have you heard anything from the offices? From what I know, there was only one office taking in applications, which was in Ottawa, and supposedly they will be awarding 8 scholarships. For all of Canada? I don’t know…

I received a confirmation e-mail on Apr 5.

rob1504, I saw that there’s a TECO branch in Vancouver.

Have any Houston TECO applicants heard anything yet? They’ve already been open for over an hour and no email! I’m playing computer games and tabbing to my email every 10 minutes! It’s gonna be a long day…

I just got off the phone with the branch in Washington D.C. and the gentleman said that I should have my response in about a week’s time. I’ve never done anything like this before, the suspense is killer! Good luck to all of us!

Yah the suspense is killing me. If TECO Houston doesn’t send out emails today the coming weeks will go by very very slow. Good luck everyone and please be sure to post once you hear from TECO regarding your application.

I got the Taiwan Scholarship!!! Fuck YEA!!

Did you get an email? What time did they send it?