Huayu Enrichment Scholarship-if have Master

Hi there!

I want to apply for HES but I have a Master’s Degree from university in Taiwan.

Candidates with one of the following qualifications may not apply:

a.Is an overseas Chinese student or a national of the R.O.C.

b.Is currently registered as a student at a Mandarin Language Center or has sought a degree from a university or college in Taiwan.

c.Has already received a HES or a Taiwan Scholarship, in the past.

d.Is an exchange student to Taiwan, during the scholarship period.

e.Is currently receiving financial benefits from the Taiwan government or another educational institution.

Can I apply for HES with my Bachelor’s degree from my country?

No, see gunpoint (b).

Ask the embassy from your country, in fact maybe the taiwanese embassy from your country.

Because I will apply next year as well, but I’m currently studying at Feng Chia and I can apply no worries. They just said that I may not be already registered for september next year. I mean they say they can’t give it for the period I’m already in ofc.

But in your case, yeah, just ask the taiwanese embassy/office in your country.