Huayu Scholarship 2022-2023

Anyone else apply for the 2022-2023 Huayu Scholarship? Have you heard back from your TECO yet? Any SF applicants hear back yet?

I applied to San Francisco and was told on the phone on 4/25 that I should expect notification towards the end of May. I just found out from a fellow San Francisco applicant that they were notified on 4/26 they were placed on the waitlist, and that the talent pool is very qualified. :grimacing:

Hey I applied! My TETO said that the answer is going to be sent out by June 10 for those who got the position. I am very nervous about this too.

Same. Haven’t heard much since after submission if application.
Looking at my home country and other countries TECC it seems the results come out towards the end of May

I’m in the same boat. I applied to Houston at the beginning of March and haven’t heard a single thing back, other than that they received my documents. I think people on Reddit are talking about some people getting interviews, but idek about that lol

Just heard about having an interview from Houston’s TECO office yesterday, probably right after you commented. It’s tomorrow which is very short notice, although I’m not sure what to expect. Good luck on your application, they have a small time window for interviews tmrw (6 time blocks for ~12 spots?) so I assume they may do another wave soon. Where can I find these Reddit conversations?

Do you know in which sub?

Same, I also heard back from Houston yesterday. I’ve found a couple convos on r/taiwan and r/ChineseLanguage talking about them recently, but it’s really only been a couple people as far as I know

Just heard back that Im an alternate / made the waitlist. Anyone know how TECO decides the waitlist? Is everyone who didn’t get the scholarship placed on the waitlist? Are people who heard back earlier higher up on the waitlist?

Also, anyone who is applying for the Mandarin Study (FR) visa in 2022: Are you enrolled in 6 months of classes or more than 6 months of classes?

The visa application says more than 6 months required (under current pandemic regulations) but my school says I will pay for the third term once in Taiwan…

Oh gosh, I saw TETO’s instagram page yesterday and had a mini heart attack at their post congratulating the winners of MOE scholarship. Then I saw that HES announcement is still being sent out until June 10th. There is still hope!

It gives me some peace of mind knowing that most other applicants haven’t heard back either. I’m applying in a small European country, and the only thing I’ve heard from the Taiwan office has been after I asked whether they had received my application. Competition might be tough this year with a lot of applicants who haven’t been able to enter Taiwan in ages, and who will not be able to enter China any time soon if ever. Soon we’ll all know. Until that let’s keep ourselves busy and avoid stressing about this. As impossible as it might be :smile:

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