Huayu Scholarship

So I want to apply for the Huayu enrichment scholarship but I can not figure out how to do so while in Taiwan. I know people have asked questions related to this before but my concerns are about this application period and my ‘home country’ requirements. According to the MOE website

V. Application and Selection Process
For the application, the applicant must send completed documents to the nearest overseas Taiwan Representative Office in his/her home country; see website for nearest representative office: … SD=30&mp=6
Application period:
In principle, the yearly application period is from February 1 through March 31. Hower, actual application period will be in accordance with the general regulations of the local Taiwan Representive Offices.
For application guidelines and forms, scholarship quotas, as well as information regarding the selection process and outcome announcement, applicants may directly contact the relevant representative offices, by the end of January.
Application documents:
A complete application includes the following materials:
a. One copy of the completed application form.
b. One photocopy of the passport or other nationality certificates.
c. One photocopy of the highest-level diploma and a complete grade transcript.
d. Supporting admission application materials (e.g. photocopies of application forms for Mandarin training centers).
e. Additional documents as specified by individual representative offices (e.g. letters of reference). [/quote]

I ‘e-mailed’ the US office last week (e-mail is in quotes because the only way I could find to contact them was through a ‘contact us with questions’ form) but they haven’t responded and I don’t know what the deadline is, if I need additional documents, if I can fax everything instead of mail it, and if I can simply send everything to someplace in Taiwan instead of America.

So basically, anyone who has gone through this before or knows how I can get in contact with someone with answers, please let me know!!

deadline is usually in march, i think. it used to be really easy do apply for but i know a lot of people who applied last year and got rejected.

also, you know that if you have studied here before then you cannot apply, right?

I also have been trying to get someone at the embassy to write me back about the required extra paper work, but to no avail. I was hoping that that whole ‘in principle, the deadline is…’ part meant there is some possibility it’s not too late to apply this year :stuck_out_tongue: Are there any other scholarships that are possible or is this the only one?

It’s definitely too late for this year. Deadline is usually end of March and they release the results mid to late April at most embassies/consulates. You have to apply at your home consulate/embassy. If you live in New York, you have to apply to New York and not the DC or Chicago consulates for example. Each consulate makes its own decisions. This year was actually very competitive. Out of the 10 people I know who applied, only one got it.