Is Huel available on the shelf anywhere in Taiwan? Is it popular there?

Huel is absolutely brilliant. I’m not one of these nuts who drinks it every day, but it’s so convenient to have for certain situations (when you need a meal before a workout, when you’re in a hurry and want to avoid eating takeaway or a microwavable meal, etc.) that I’d struggle to go back to life without it.

What’s a huel? is it an alternative fuel for scooters?

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It’s fuel in Taiwanese.


Maybe it’s a replacement for smoke grenades too. Why use smoke grenades when vehicles can produce a lot more of them?

It’s a powdered meal replacement that contains all the nutrients and calories you need from a meal and sounds pretentious-as-fuck, but is actually really good. It’s very popular in London. They recently started selling it at supermarkets, whereas before you had to order it online.

Oh, like a super sized Big Mac meal, but in powdered form.


It’s like Soylent, which has been discussed before, and neither is available off the shelf. But you can make your own variations with a little work:



You just need some people to make soylent.


A couple years back I was “eating” Huel all the time. I’d just order batches of it from their website and they’d ship it from HK within a few days. I’m not sure if they still keep stock there, but you could ask.

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Just wanted to add that I looked into ordering Huel (Hot and Savory) recently. They deliver to Taiwan on their website, but are using 1-5kg shipping at a flat rate of 30 British pounds. This would have jacked up my order by 50%, so I’m looking into other options.

Thanks for the update. If you find any suitable options, please share!

Get a ziplock bag. Put, Oatmeal, Protein Powder and maybe some dried fruit in.
When in need of a quick meal, give content of bag into Shaker, add liquid of your choice. If you really don’t care about taste, you can even add stuff like instant coffee for an extra energy boost.

That’s actually a pretty clever idea.

If you’re using dried fruit, you’d better run it through a blender before you chug it. Flaxseed powder, flax oil, rice flour, walnuts and cashews, coconut powder, cocoa, also go well, masa harina if you want to experiment, but you have to balance everything whatever you use. You can mix vitamins and minerals in, but you’ll need artificial sweetener because they are bitter. Better to leave them out and just swallow them with water.
There are lots of similar all-in-one recipes at
They have a nutrition calculator that makes it easy to blend local products into other people’s recipes.
I used to have bottles of of my mixes stacked up in the fridge with weeks worth of ziplock-fulls in the pantry. Maybe in these days of food-uncertainty I should get back to it. Oatmeal takes a while to expire.