Huge indie music festival in hualien oct. 6-10

There’s a huge Music Festival called “2006 Indie Wild Scream” happening in Hualien from Oct. 6th to 10th. Over 75 bands from around Taiwan and Japan are slated to play. Advance tickets are cheap; only 999NT for a five-day pass. There are day passes available too.

I’m told hotels in Hualien are already filling up fast for this time period, so you’d be well advised to get your friends together and make your plan now.

You can have a look at the band lineup, get directions to the venue and find ticket info at the festival website. Here’s the English link:

You don’t want to miss this. :smiley:

The band schedule looks good although quite a few of those bands with only Chinese names shown would probably be better known to most interested forumosans by their English names. So here are a few English names 胖虎 punkhoo 表兒 Children sucker 滅火器 fire extinguisher 牙套 Braces 小護士 La Petite Nurse 半導體 semi-con 四分衛 Backquarter 八十八顆芭樂 22 Guava seeds 朵莉的藥盒 dolly’s pillbox

If you are planning on coming up(or is it down?) to Hualien and need tickets, I have tickets available for the NT.999. as well as the one day passes until October 5 only… PM me if you want tickets. Those who can show Hualien residence ID’s are also entitled to an additional 10% off the price as well.
As well, the Formosa Backpackers Hostel does have a few beds left and you would be wise to call Ya Chen at (03) 835-2515 or 0913-810-828 to book a.s.a.p. as they are going quickly. Ya Chen speaks English so if you can’t speak Chinese, it’s it’s not a problem.