Huge Mall/Art Center complex being built in Taoyuan

I noticed recently that the ‘farm’ along Jung Jeng is being developed. My local colleague who lives nearby tells me it is going to be a mall and art center complex. If so, this has got to be one of the bigger mall projects in Taiwan, if not the biggest.

Here is where I am talking about:

Here is a size comparison to Taimall, at the same scale (6000ft)

Proposed Mall/Art Center

yes, it’s gonna be big.

was wondering what they were gonna do with all the space - people have been turning it in to a parking lot recently.

BTW, i got a tear in my beer seeing tesco on that there map of yours (the “new” carrefour licks) …

As if the intersection of Chung chen Road and Ta shing west road didn’t have enough traffic already…

Holy crap :noway:

Hopefully it will be more of a success than Hsinchu’s big mall which now stands basically empty.

You can find me at the batting cages…

Just what I wanted to say, they better use the money for something else … they tried once in Taoyuan it failed. Now the Taimall is like an indoor nightmarket, isn’t it?

Why would they build more and more malls? To water down the profits of all the others? People can’t be at all of them the same time … :s

Another Mall? Oh, joy of joys?
They should make the land into a public park, with amongst other park style items, ramps & bowls for the skaters.
And also to Keep some trees in this urban jungle.

that is going to be coool… anyone knows when the project is going to be done… ??

3 blocks is damn huge… hope its worth it. :ponder: