Huh? Boiled tap water is the best drink during this spell of hot weather

I’m lost on this one.

“Boiled tap water is the best drink during this spell of hot weather, said Chu.”

So all other water is less than best like bottled water at room temperature? And must the tap water be consumed hot? And why boiled tap water? And boiling tap water doesn’t reduce the metal or mineral content but actually concentrates those types of hazards.
There is no explanation.

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That’s just a translation issue. The Chinese will say 開水 for sure which can mean boiled water but in the context just means drinking water or tap water if you live in New Zealand. What he means is pure water with nothing added which of course includes most bottled water.


Yes I’m thinking it’s mostly a translation issue but also an editorial failure.

Doctors do say strange things sometimes in Taiwan so.

I’ve cold water though is really bad if taken too quickly. Small sips…or put the bottle under an armpit.

I’m sure the point is to make sure to hydrate with water, rather than beer or fizzy drinks, which is, of course, true.
People in Taipei do really plow through the beers when it’s hot.

The repeated emphasis on “boiled tap” water is more than likely crap transliteration, as noted.

As others have pointed out the “boiled” part probably means that they don’t want you to ingest live bacteria. However this reminded me that I read that Moroccans fight heat with… hot tea, and that supposedly this makes sense because it makes you sweat and that helps you to either cool down or at least feel cooler.

The Indonesians swear by this too. I tried it when I was there, and it did seem to help a little.

Koreans say 以熱治熱 (through heat, cure heat).

Yankees say fight fire with fire.

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Summer’s hot enough as it is. Chugging an ice cold beverage is one of the real pleasures of summer. If you stick the bottle in your armpit, you’re still allowing it to absorb your body’s heat. I say chug away.

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Chug away…slowly. Too fast will give you the mother of all stomachache and cramps.


¡Humbug! An ice cold beer or seven still hit all the right spots in this freaking heat.


Taiwanese don’t drink tap water.
It’s the safest to boil filtered water, for health reasons.

I don’t understand the boiling. Boiling does not remove minerals, chemicals, or pesticides.

Boiling is the most common way to kill virus, bacteria, and parasites.

It’s especially important in developing countries or when u go camping in the wild.

Taiwan’s tap water has fluoride added, so it should be ok. Still, locals’ boil it. Don’t want cholera outbreak.

Hot water is to shower, cold water to drink!

That is the case in extreme fatal conditions, like cancer. 熱in Chinese medicine can mean toxins; so you’re using toxins to kill cancerous cells, or as western medicine calls it, chemotherapy.

What they probably mean is - drink boiled tap water - but not immediately after boiling, let it cool down first.

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