Huh? Boiled tap water is the best drink during this spell of hot weather


Is there any information or evidence that anyone has ever got sick from drinking water in Taiwan?


On what timescale?


No, I’m pretty sure they meant “boiling” but it didn’t get translated properly.


Ten years? 20 years?


Uhh, no.
Everyone in Taiwan drinks water.
If you don’t drink water you die, like.


Helluva thread. :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:


Jeesh. Is there any information that anyone has ever got sick from DRINKING TAP WATER in Taiwan?


Boiled, boiling or straight from the tap?


You mean just drinking tap water or drinking unfiltered unboiled tap water??


I don’t know if there’s a record, but this is not just a superstition. Instead of coming directly from the water distribution pipes, water gets stored in some containers on the top of the buildings. These are probably not as well maintained as they should, so bacteria grows there. Even if they were regularly maintained, it’s not a good idea TBH.

Now, apart from bacteria, there’s a problem with the quality of the water itself. I’ve been told by some unknown clerk in a home depot in Hsinchuang that the water in Taipei “is OK”, but the water in NTC is usually not. My building receives the same water than Taipei, supposedly, so he told us we didn’t need a water filter under the sink (which is what we were after). Some of these filters can deal with some microorganisms but their main purpose is to get rid of heavy metals and other stuff in the water.

I did a TDS test (different from an STD test) of my water and it was within the normal. I posted the results here, you can search for it if you are interested.


“TWD’s findings from water quality inspection at end users’ places over the years show a passing rate as high as 99.95%. Most of the failed cases can be attributed to long water retention or poor maintenance of household water facilities on the part of users. There is no need to install a purifier in private households, and a contaminated purification medium might even worsen tap water quality. All that you should do is to hire a qualified water tank/tower cleaning firm to clean your water tank and tower at least once a year.”




We just had our tank cleaned (no, that’s not a euphemism, in this case, anyway) last week.
Conventional wisdom has always been that up north you’re probably OK.
Although, there was that typhoon season a few years back where the reservoir filled to past the filter system’s capacity and for a couple days tap water was kind of sandy.
Robert Storey, apparently, drank only untreated tap water from his first day here.
Take from that what you will.

It’a always been said that down south, on the other hand, it’s never been advised to drink even treated tap water, due to heavy arsenic contamination in the ground water .
Folks down there apparently get all their drinking water from those big neighborhood dispensers (or buy bottled water).


You might want to use a toothpick after drinking.


This seems to be a CPP (Chinese Person’s Problem)…


That was 12 years ago you gravedigger you.


That’s probably what his family were trying to save money on.


Boiling water doesn’t remove arsenic so good idea not to drink tap water unless it’s filtered.


That’s what I wrote.

Are you OK?