Human composting

Human composting anyone ?


I would definitely like to compost some subhumans…

I’m ahead of the curve.

People have been saying that I have shit for brains for years.

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Is that a Himmler quote?

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I have some people I would like to volunteer as well.

Just a thought. Burying bodies = composting. just dump some wood ships into the hole, and dont pump the bodies full of horrible preservatives that cause more cadavers over time.

California is the master of useless marketing campaigns. sweet jesus.

There is also this;


Evolve some fungi that are fantastic at eating human flesh. Then wait for the spores to float away. Soumds like a great plot for a horror film :slight_smile:


Preferably at eating dead human flesh and not living human flesh

That would be a good line in the earlier part of the movie. A few labcoated scientists could laugh it off as a joke.

We generally think we have it all figured out. Mei wen ti

It’s a worthy plot. unlike most viruses, most fungal spores are airborne and travel thousands of km. much riskier. thank god so far the jump between species hasn’t been super incredible, by a horror film level perspective at least :slight_smile:

Bill gates said there are hundreds of pathogens and virus around that if it jumps to humans mean trouble just like covid

The human race may one day be wiped out by viruses

If we don’t kill our selves in war

There are so many hazards in life
Best to know that we all have a set time and best enjoy ourselves while being kind and helpful to others best we can

When I get old I’m going to wear a mushroom suit as pajamas.

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There is this movie where trees produce toxins and people start committing suicide… Forgot the movie’s title.
Wait … The Happening

I’ve been praying for this for years.

Proof there is no God.

Gods already told us the world will be destroyed by fire

We think nuclear but could be volcanism

Our souls trancends the earth

If we can’t see proof there is a God doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist

Very people are allowed to see God while in this world. Not sure even one other than Jesus
You are left to believe or not to believe

I fear there is God but I fear more if there is not


No, it’s not.

I missed this memo. Come again?

Are you just eating a giant bag of fortune cookies? lol

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