Human evolution. Where from here?

So… what is the next step of human evolution? What will be it’s trigger? Environmental, tech, extraterrestrial? Is it sudden or gradual?
If you could pick something, what would it be? I’d sure love to be around if only to satisfy my curiosity.
If we cease to be, what about the other guys? How are they doing it?

Honestly, a mass extinction sounds nice these days. Everything’s a mess right now. Or I’ll be happy to colonize mars where humans may evolve to be able to withstand Martian environments.

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Environmental takes too long. Tech, for sure is already happening. We are on a path that is taking us to what the humans in Wal-e became.

I’d like to see bioengineering bring us closer to nature. Take the genetics of animals with their natural abilities and splice it in with human DNA. We could run fast, see in the dark, swim better, have natural resistance to certain poisons and diseases etc. That would be cool.

I’ll say it again. :2cents:

Yeah, im more interested in human forced changes from DNA splicing, human-tech augmentation, Genetic engineering.

Most theories suggest that humans still had pre-intellectual awareness even after the development of language. Language itself prompted consciousness by allowing for abstract associations. If we haven’t mentally hit the ceiling (and I sure as shit hope we haven’t), then what is next? Could we lose time’s arrow, manipulate matter, empathy? Maybe some unfathomable leap.
A girl can dream

Language isn’t just for humans.

Humanity is going nowhere. Evolution is simply a response to selection pressure, so if being dumb and lazy offers a survival advantage, humanity at large will become dumb and lazy, especially since DNA seems to suffer from ‘bit rot’ when there’s nothing to cull the herd.

Basically, there’s no obvious pressure to evolve into Time Lords - and how would the requisite abilities arise from mutations etc?

It’s probably just as well really. I’m sure we’d bugger things up even worse than we have already if we could manipulate matter etc.

As you may have guessed, ‘Idiocracy’ is one of my favourite movies …

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Self driving cars is a big deal. Meat made in a lab is a breakthrough. Life extension through dna manipulation seems to be the next huge thing. Maybe a cure for cancer or balding.

So I’m guessing you dont really believe in macro evolution but only micro evolution.

I don’t recall the difference. True evolution for the human race will be the result of calculated decisions on our part. I don’t see us growing gills or getting laser eyes as a result of natural selection any time soon.

Ya. Natural selection is prob a thing of the past for us. Evolution doesn’t have to be genetic. From birth the amount and type of stimulation we receive has changed drastically over the last 50 years. This results in a positive feedback loop that alters our neural networks in a way that hasn’t been seen before. In the course of a lifetime, brain ‘evolution’ is a possibility. While genetically and behaviorally, our babies are identical to us; over generations, this learned/ conditioned development could result in an adult species we are unfamiliar with today.

We may stop noticing/paying attention to it, but it’ll still be there.

I’m pessimistic about homo sapiens’ chances for long term survival. For example, if all the time, money, effort and lives expended since the beginning on war had instead been spent on solving the world’s problems and making life better imagine what a paradise we’d be living in today. How stupid is that?

Not exactly. I was just saying that any new ability would have to be positively selected. Would you be interested in breeding with a time-travelling super-being? I reckon you’d be creeped out.

Would Discobot be interested in breeding with one?

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Okay, concentrating…

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If she’s hot? Yes, please.

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