Human evolution. Where from here?

When even robots are creeped out, you’re in supercreep territory! :noway:

But not too creepy for the Doctor…

Hey, I said hot. Creepy is not hot.

Just imagine where sexual selection may lead us. The “Barbie look” for women, the “John Holmes” look for men? Or maybe we’ll all have evolved beer googles by then.

Er, all of us are time travelers. (Just in one direction only.) And many of us have special powers and abilities. (Mine is balancing a pencil on top of my nose.)


You didn’t answer the question!

Not to everyone. :idunno:

R&M Unity smile

Please tell me that’s not a selfie…

I think the next step is the advancement of transhumanism.

Okay. Now we get somewhere. Example please.

One thing we know is homo sapiens won’t last long enough to invent time travel. Otherwise we’d be tripping over countless time travelers from the future every moment of the present, time travelers able to visit any moment in the past countless times. If nothing else there’d be endless hordes of Chinese tourists from the future picking over properties at bargain basement prices in anticipation of future appreciation. As it is there’s none of that, nothing, nada, zip.

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Interesting. However, your present state of conciseness is experiencing reality for the first time, the you now would not alter if a time traveler visited “you” in the past. The two states of “you” are in different realities…different planes of existence. There could be an infinite amount of “you” experiencing an infinite amount of different realities. The only way for anyone to realize time travel is happening is if you time travel yourself and visit yourself in the present. Weird…very weird.

Whatever objection you come up with, you can bet someone has already found an explanation. For example:

Silverberg’s narrative includes some cleverly worked out details about the problems of time-travel tourism. For example, the number of tourists who over the years wish to witness the Sermon on the Mount has increased the audience at the event from the likely dozens to hundreds and even thousands.

Time-tour guides re-visiting the same event must also take care not to scan their surroundings too closely, lest they make eye contact with themselves leading another tour party.

Now imagine the Chinese government’s headaches with bad tourists who cause disturbances in the time machines and need to be banned from future (past) travel. :doh:

You can bet time passports would not be given to just any random Wang. :2cents:

The most powerful man in the world can’t even enforce a travel ban in the present. Can you imagine anyone trying to enforce a travel ban in the past, present and future?

Oh, but his hands are tied by the Supremely Swampy Court! Whereas in China the Supreme Court openly has a “firm political stance” or whatever the proper term is.

Anyway, there’s always the explanation that the reality you’re living in has been “cleaned up” by people in the future future so that you won’t notice. :rainbow:

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