Humidifiers in Taipei

My sinuses have been pretty bad for a long time, but they’ve been worse for the last couple years. I’ve been told that between my using a dehumidifier (to dry laundry) and a heater in the winter, it’s essentially dried me out. I’ve since moved the dehumidifier, but I know I’ll start using the heater at some point, so I want to find a humidifier. I’ve looked at a lot of medical supply shops, a couple 3C shops, and Carrefour, but I couldn’t find one. I found one at SOGO, but they wanted $20,000 for it. Does anyone know where I can find an affordable humidifier, preferably for less than $2,000?

Let me get this straight: you want a humidifier in Taipei??! I guess the next post I’ll read is about a business plan to import coal to Newcastle.

In any case, stay healthy and stay happy.



I woke up at 6AM today with a super dry throat and even coughed up some blood. The relative humidity inside my home is like 30-35% when I turn on the AC for more than two hours. Turning off the AC helps but it’s hard to do in this weather.

Seems insane, but I m actually considering getting a cheap humidifier as well. Any one else faced this problem?

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Maybe I’m stretching here but do you snore and have you had a sleep test? Maybe apnea.

Only in the mornings? Try this.

Thanks, but I don’t have any such issues. It’s just the dry air that’s a problem.

You can boil an open pot of water. Leave the toilet lid and door open. Leave the sinks full of water. Leave cups of water around the house etc.