Humidity, viruses and common cold

Hello there. So I’m back to my country, and my city has a terribly DRY air. Apparently also poluted (no rain this year :frowning: ). After the first day here my throat and sinus were totally fucked up, and I´ve been with a really serious cold for 3 days or so.

Everytime I come back here I undergo something similar with my throat. I even bleed from my nose!

So… I wanted to know if this is something that also happens to those of you who live in Taipei and are from a much drier place, and if this is possibly anything to do with catching colds (the drier the more prone to get sick?).


For sure. Always felt it going back in winter in NY with the dry indoor heat.

Yeah, that’s another one: radiators make air even drier :S

Same thing happens to me as well and I come from a supposedly damp country in Europe! I get a bad cough in particular.
One idea is to get a cheap humidifier to humidify your bedroom. Even boil up some water and steam up the room a bit might help.

Ha. I did this yesterday…