I’ve been to Jason’s and Citysuper but I can’t find it anywhere.


Chickpeas + tahini + olive oil + lemon juice. Throw in a blender for a couple of minutes. Done.

But where would I even find tahini or chickpeas in Taipei?

Chickpeas are in almost every supermarket. Tahini is in City Super and the bigger Wellcome’s.

I love you all forever. I was preparing to ask this question myself. Now the next question… where to find pita bread in Taoyuan? :ponder:

For a much cheaper alternative to Jason’s Tahini try the “zhi ma jiang” (sesame paste) from any local grocery. Even better, some local health food stores sell a white version branded as “日式芝麻醬” (ri shi zhi ma jiang) which is much closer to the middle-eastern tahini I used to buy back home.

i’m going to try making this. pita bread is quite easy to make by yourself but the oven you use needs to be hot. not sure mine here is up to the job at all…

This. IN some recipes they also add cumin and a bit of garlic, but the basic one is as described above.

This reminds me that I had to prepare a batch of it…

Invest in a Dr. Goods, about $8200, which reliably gets up to 250C. Get ceramic plates for the base or a cast iron base to add to it, and you can easily do pita, crispy pizza crusts, etc., for years and years. It’s all been discussed before here; have a gander.

Cottonfields brings both organic white and black sesame tahini.

Now, local brands may or may not have sugar. I but one with sugar as sandwich spread. They have organic bread with cranberrries or the one made with coconuit oil, which with this sesame paste become a superb snack.

They also carry organic frozen pitas, but are often out of this item.

Carrefour currently has jarred hummus, non-refrigerated, in the foreign foods aisles. I haven’t tried it, and I’d still recommend just making your own, but it’s out there.