Humorous forumosan occupations field


i am an ignorant forum newbie. I’d like to know about those chunks of text that appear below your name i.e shoe-wielding legislator. I guess they are connected to either 1. when you signed up 2. how many posts you have.

Either way, can you print a list of the rankings? I can’t tell if a fried chicken parts vendor is higher than a newspaper copywriter, etc etc.

If this is covered elsewhere, I apologize profusely.


It’s 2. For 1, we have the almost invisible stars.

Not sure if it’s still completely accurate, but here you go: … 0557#70557

Edit: That’s actually not a good thread for a newbie because it mentions a lot of outdated stuff (such as ratings) and the number of posts required to obtain the titles have obviously been changed.

Newspaper copyeditor is a really bad lousy rank. :wink: No, seriously, those titles are just for fun. I guess. I mean, you probably won’t know for sure until you reach the level of “Former City Mayor” or Operating Thetan V.