Hunan Food (湘菜)

Hey all;

I’ve got me a craving for some Hunan food. Does anyone know of a good, cheap place to get it? I’m not really in the mind to pay $300NT a dish for some fancy, sit-down place; this is Asia after all. DIrty little hole’s-in-the-wall are appreciated.

I got hooked when I was living in the factory wasteland between Guangzhou and Foshan on the Mainland, where there were amazing restaurants catering to the workers from the provinces, run by former workers from the provinces.

Well, there’s one Hunan restaurant I know. Unfortunately not in the budget you’re seeking, but no one else has had any suggestions:

1010 新湖菜 Pop Hunan Cuisine

1: 台北市復興北路301號

2: Top floor in the eslite building near Taipei City Hall station (unless this information is outdated).

Really good though, or at least it was the one time I went there a year or so back. But yes, it’s a fancy, sit-down place, with dishes for $300NT.

There are several stores in that chain. I’ve eaten in the one in the Tianmu Mitsokoshi Department Store. Those ribs were good.

Not cheap, though.