Hungary's Far-Right Jobbik party gives people 1940's jitters … 1940s.html

[quote]Rise of Hungary’s far-Right Jobbik party stirs disturbing echoes of the 1940s
As Hungary prepares to vote in a crucial election, the far-Right Jobbik party expects great success - to the consternation of democrats and those old enough to remember the fascist past.

As the youthful leader of Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party arrived for an election rally, his followers gave him a welcome that had disturbing echoes of Europe in the 1940s.
Two ranks of Hungarian Guards, in paramilitary-style uniforms, snapped to attention as Gabor Vona marched past them. Party leaders saluted, and a red and white banner was raised - one that looked suspiciously similar to Hungary’s old fascist emblem.

The rally in a school hall in the normally sleepy town of Dunakeszi was packed with hundreds of supporters. They cheered as Mr Vona promised to rid Hungary of corruption and crack down on foreign interests.
He spoke about stopping Roma, the country’s biggest ethnic minority, from sponging off the state - forcing anyone claiming benefits to perform public service in return. He promised to “give back Hungary’s national pride and identity”

To the horror of democrats who thought Hungary had shaken itself free of political extremism in 1989 with the fall of communism, Jobbik is on course to become the second biggest party in parliament.[/quote]

I want to know more about this. It seems that Europe is sliding further and further to the right, what with the EU elections, the BNP, Italy, and now this.
What’s really going on?

I find the Jobbik banner pretty interesting, although I don’t think it; looks 1940’s.

It looks like something the Republicans in the USA couldn’t dream of doing without a huge public backlash, although certainly they want to.
Party of Jesus, anyone? :ohreally: That’s what it looks like to me.

Oh, and Hungarian women are hot. Doing a google image search for “Hungarian women” is good. You may need to do that after reading about Jobbik.

Seriously, this sux. What’s going on Europa?