Hunter Biden's VERY OWN Thread

None of that’s new, so these magically appearing emails add nothing, right? Are you admitting that?

Yes, none of it’s new, and very little has ever been addressed.

From the little I’ve read about the emails, they seem to verify that Papa Joe was in the loop…which he always said he wasn’t. So, no, I do not admit that this is a nothing burger. Not at all. Ukraine is notably corrupt and the Biden’s and the Clinton’s before them…and Manafort, don’t forget, used them as a piggy bank.

It’s everything the DNC has been trying to nail to Trump…right there…the maybe barely legal and highly unethical. But don’t let that stand in the way of happy sappy grandpa Joe the hugger.

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Listen mate, there’s lots of solid evidence connecting the lab in wuhan to the virus beyond something insignificant like a broken fridge door. If you want to waste your own time winding me up because things from china can’t be verified then go ahead but you will be muted because i’m too old for this shit.


But when you think about it, spamming narratives is a way of attempting to censor facts, through obscuration.

I’m not intending to wind anyone up. my comment to your original post

that’s not what’s most likely. that’s all I’m saying. the majority of scientists say it’s a naturally occurring virus that has jumped two species before entering humans. they said it didn’t come from a lab

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I mean, China’s at enough fault for allowing market conditions that led to it, especially after cutting down on these markets, then regressing.

Pushing the lab angle, considering your accurate comments on the likely origins, seems a bit mired in political agenda, aka the ‘it was an attack’ narrative, as opposed to run of the mill negligence.

that’s right, I agreed with @BHL4life about China not informing the world on time and that’s its their fault, but this lab nonsense is simply a conspiracy.

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So why did Hunter’s lawyer call the repair shop owner (within minutes of the Post story dropping) and ask for Hunter’s laptop to be returned?

The shop owner was stiffed by Biden, so was understandably pissed. He copies the HD 4 times, sends two to friends (he freely admits this to the FBI since the laptop was by then his property), turns the laptop and its HD over to the FBI, and eventually - after no action by FBI - contacts Giuliani. Giuliani’s lawyer takes a week to go over content and rule out personal/tortious stuff, and turns over the info remaining to Giuliani, who takes a few days and then contacts the Post.

Meanwhile note that both Hunter and the FBI knew the contents were now in the public domain. Biden, the FBI, and the MSM ignored it. They could have taken steps to mitigate this long ago, but nada.

The timing is def in Oct surprise territory, but its other foot is in credible info land. Hello Biden campaign, here’s your ticking time bomb (one that you should have dealt with prior to Dem nomination).


What’s really important here, is how the Chinese Communists got Hunter to agree to enter into an unholy union with them, not the repair shop guy.


Kind of a memory jogger.

Some people use computers to keep track of stuff, and some people lose track of computers.

Someone just posted something to me (not here) that claims there is proof of him raping and torturing kids. I will believe it when it happens.
If true, it will be interesting how the swamp media and silicon swamp valley hide and censor it.

Me too. :rofl:

Kinda weird you would post that without getting evidence first, but hey we all do things our own way.

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I heard the source is Chinese whistleblowers.

The Chinese have a habit of killing their own spies (once the spies successfully accomplish the missions) to stop them from talking.

In this case, the mission is successful (i.e., Hunter), but the spy(s) preemptively defected and blew the plot wide open.

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When what happens?

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Darwin forgives them.

The proof is provided.

Well, I hope so. :wink:

Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), companies can be held liable for providing “anything of value” to government officials, which includes giving it to their family members (collectively Politically Exposed Persons, or PEPs). It is the basis of every pure bribery charge under the FCPA to see payment, gifts, amenities, favors, and promises given to government officials, their family members, or favored charities to be the “thing of value”. This is especially common in Russia, China, and Kazakhstan, which are 3 of, if not the 3, worst countries in the world for this type of activity. You may see it as such a red flag that no one would put a PEP on their board, hire a PEP as a subcontractor or consultant, or donate to a PEP’s charity it if that was their plan, yet many companies still do this, especially in that part of the world.