Hunter Biden's VERY OWN Thread

Apparently, Herman was adopted by British nobles. He was an OG trustafarian.

REALLY??? :astonished:

I don’t know that show’s background at all. Don’t mess with me man.


It’s true. I looked it up. I just remember the show vaguely from childhood reruns. Way before my time.

That’s the only one I know of. :grandpa:

With all these safeguards, why not just NOT do it?

JP: There’s no way we could know.

Uhm, says the reporter, couldn’t they just announce on social media, hey I bought this?

JP: Uhmmm

and why wouldn’t the buyer announce it? It makes little sense that someone would buy it and stick it in the closet.

Oh man. Oh maaaaaaaaaaan.

Oh man what? Everyone knows he smoked crack, if that’s what it even was.

it’s not up to them.

Ok man. If that’s what it was? Lol

This is a horrible look and whether you agree or not it reflects poorly of the big guy.

As for Poundguy’s comment, well I think Joe has some say to whether or not he thinks the sale should go on. It is happening so he thinks it should.

It probably is but so what? He’s already admitted he was an addict.

Of Biden? C’mon man.

You’re being myopic. Joe has done way more than simply be Hunters dad.

Imagine if this was the orange man’s son: