Hunter Biden's VERY OWN Thread

That doesn’t usually occur from the inside out.

None of the lappy was a set up. Zero. The silence that in this glorious age of gotcha journalism, that no one on the left knows much about what’s on the lappy much less sees it as anything but a smear is truly stunning.

At the time I felt some of these salacious photos smelled of a setup, but this guy really seems to have had no compunction about recording and saving virtually anything he did.

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I’ve heard that people don’t often do their clearest thinking when they’re off their tits on crack. I’m finding him much more sympathetic than his dad though, who just seems like a feeble old sociopath.

They are some of the more paranoid people however and adept at hiding their tracks :slight_smile:

I’m certainly starting to think Joe is smart enough not to tell Hunter anything important or compromising, all things considered.

I think that Joe would tell him everything he needed him to do, then give him some rock and some hookers and tell him to go forget everything. Or that’s maybe how Hunter heard it.

Either way, Hunter is simply awful and some Hollywood guy is putting him up for free, and I cannot figure out why.

So, Snopes is in the game:

They don’t debunk the hack, or the data released, but do say that the picture of Hunter with Melania Trump is a fake, most likely put out there by Hillary Clinton to draw the media away.

That said, the above-displayed picture did not originate with that purported leak, nor did it depict an authentic moment between Melania Trump and Hunter Biden.

Whew! Glad that’s out of the way!

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When do I get my authentic moment with Melania?


I’m imagining a late night infomercial for this.

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3 clicks on the substance link; 9 clicks on Melania’s butt.

Hunter Biden met with his father at least 30 times at the White House or the vice president’s residence, often just days after he returned home from overseas business jaunts.


I’m not a fan of whataboutism, but ya know, we’re getting close to wtfism.

The latest Hunter Biden computer revelations are the most miserable yet. A 4chan user claims to have hacked into Hunter’s iCloud account and found all manner of obscenities. A video of Hunter smoking what seems to be a crack pipe during a water-immersion therapy session in Massachusetts. Footage of Hunter in a shower, again smoking what appears to be a crack pipe, with two call girls. The women refer to him as their ‘future baby daddy’ and to themselves as ‘naughty whores’. This was filmed in 2018, just nine days after Joe Biden had wired Hunter $75,000. It’s a sorrowful, pathetic video. And yet we are compelled to imagine the global media storm there would have been if it had been revealed that Trump had sent tens of thousands of dollars to one of his sons who then seemed to blow it all on prostitutes and drugs. That would unquestionably have been turned into a frontpage indictment of the moral rot of Trumpism.


Eric Schwerin, the president of Hunter Biden’s investment company Rosemont Seneca Partners, is named as a calendar invite recipient on 21 of 30 listed meetings

Now that’s more like it. Actual journalism! If this doesn’t get picked up more widely I will be … … – … … disappointed.

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It’s not like they real media haven’t done their DD on the lappy. They’re holding it back like an obituary for Johnny Depp.

This… who gives a fuck? He visited his dad 3-4 times a year over 8 years? Doesn’t sound like that much when you phrase it like that, right?

This is more interesting…

Ya think?

Ha. I saw that. :laughing:


The Justice Department investigation initially focused on Hunter Biden’s financial and business activities in foreign countries dating to when Joe Biden was vice president. But investigators have examined a swath of broader conduct, including whether Hunter Biden and associates violated money laundering, campaign finance, tax and foreign lobbying laws, as well as whether Hunter Biden broke federal firearm and other regulations, multiple sources said.


In that May 31 letter, Grassley also accused Thibault of likely violations of “[f]ederal laws, regulations and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) guidelines.”

“Whistleblowers have reported to me, that although the FBI and Justice Department maintain policies dictating specific standards requiring substantial factual predication to initiate an investigation, Thibault and other Justice Department and FBI employees failed to comply with these requirements.”

The letter also singled out Justice Department official Richard Pilger, identified as the director of the Election Crimes Branch within the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section, who, along with Thibault, were alleged to be “deeply involved in the decisions to open and pursue this investigation,” an apparent reference to a probe recently opened into the Trump campaign.

Grassley told Wray and Garland “the opening memo you approved,” included media reporting citing research from a “liberal non-profit” when a full investigation of a political nature requires “a heightened factual basis.”

Fucking ridiculous. Let’s just get on with it.