Husband and Wife in Taiwan,he has ARC,what about me?

Hi there,
I know you’ve probably been asked this before, but I can’t seem to find the same situation anywhere online.
My husband and I came here together on multiple entry visitor visas, and he got a job/ARC . Myself, I don’t want to work now, but I will in the next 6 months. Problem is, my visa runs out on Dec.18 and I have no ARC. I know I can apply for a spousal ARC, but my question is, after I get it, what will I need to do to be able to work later on? Do I just get a work permit from my school, or do I also need to apply for another ARC that states I can work legally too? Also, how long does it take to get a spousal ARC? I will need to go to Taipei and get our marriage certificate notorized first, then to Kaioshuing to get it processed (I live in Tainan) Is it less than 30 days because I’m not applying for a work permit too? Or do I have to change my visitor visa to a resident visa first? HELP!!!

First change your visitor visa into an ARC as a spouse. After that if you are seeking employment you need to apply for a work permit but not a new ARC as you already have one.

I’m not sure how you go about changing your present status to join your spouse. You had best contac the FAP for that.


You will need to apply for a resident visa first at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will do this on the basis of being a spouse to a resident. Then you can apply for an ARC once you have the visa. The ARC on this basis does not grant you work rights, so your employer will need to apply for a work permit for you.

If your visa is extenable, you should be able to get an extension based on your spouse’s ARC. Also your spouse’s ARC sponsor has to agree to give you a spousal ARC. I was in this stuation with my first boss, although it was my husband and daughter who needed the ARC’s. My first boss at first refused to allow them onto my ARC, but they got their visa’s extended (even though it said non-extendable) on the basis that I had an ARC. When we eventually did get them on My ARC, we needed to provide our original marriage certificate, as well as certification from the consulate that we were in fact still married to each other. When I switched jobs, my new boss had no problem, and this time all they needed was our rental agreement to show that we all lived at the same address, and their ARC’s were tansferred immediately.

You do need all the documentation to convert your visitor’s visa to a resident visa.

Not true in law. Your employer has absolutely no say whatsoever in whether your spouse gets a joining family resident visa or ARC. I have no idea how you came to be in this situation or how you came to be told you even had to inform your employer that you were married or what kind of a visa your spouse has, or even whether she was in the country.

They are not “on your ARC”. I have no idea how this could have anything to do with your employer. Very odd. What a hassle.

OP: You need to get a resident visa, and then an ARC. To do this you need a copy of your marriage certificate. Ideally this should have been verified by your own country’s government, barmy as that may sound, and then the Taiwanese office in your own country verify your country’s verification. In the UK the Foreign and Commonwealth office affix an apostile to your marriage certificate, and then the London TRO attaches a stamp and signature verifying the FCO’s apostille.

You could try it with just the marriage certificate. Dunno if it would work.

You take your spouse’s ARC (don’t need the passport, but take it anyway) down to the Ministry of Foreigner Annoying and apply for a resident visa. Take also your marriage certificate. Make sure you have at least two photocopies of everything. You may also like to get a Proof of Employment letter from your husband’s company which they might want to see, but remembering not to break the golden rule of never giving a civil servant more pieces of paper than he or she specifically asks for by name. You will need several photographs.

Once you get your resident visa, go to the local FAP cop shop and apply for an ARC. You will need your husband’s ARC, and possibly the Proof of Employment letter. That’s it. Well that’s how it worked for me.

Your husband does not need to tell his employer anything about this, or even whether you are in the country. No change is made to your husband’s ARC. Your ARC will expire when his does. Your reason for residence will be given on your ARC as “Yi qin - fu” (Joining family - Husband).

You may be able to get an visitor visa extension without the doubly-certified marriage certificate. I know brothers here who have got visa extensions on the strength of their brotherhood (one has ARC the other doesn’t) and I’m sure they didn’t have any Brotherhood Certificate.
But for the resident visa MoFA did in our case like to see all the stamps on our marriage certificate, and it made me feel they wouldn’t have been happy if they weren’t there.

You can get a Jian Bao card once you have had your ARC for a typically inexplicable four months.

Just to clarify - my husband and daughter have their own ArC cards, but their ARC’s are linked to mine in that if mine gets cancelled for whatever reason, so does theirs automatically. Also your employer (i.e. the holder of the main ARC) must provide a proof of employment letter, your work permit will not do ( at least that is the case here in Miaoli). My first employer refused to give me that letter in order to facilitate my husband and daughter’s initial ARC’s. her bullshit reasoning at the time was that if my husband worked he would be doing so illegally and that she would be held responsible, but basically she was just being a bitch.