Husband has ARC - what about me?

My husband and I are Canadian. He is working for a bank in Taipei and has an ARC. I would like to come over to join him and am wondering what my options are.

I do not have a BA, but will be finishing one by correspondence. What kind of a visa do I qualify for? Can I work? And what paper work do I need from him in order to file the necessary papers at the Trade Office in Toronto?

Any help would be most appreciated. annex girl.

Best bet is to call the Trade Office. however, you are of course entitled to join him on his ARC. You’ll get one of your own. Not sure if that allows you to work . . it does if he was Taiwanese and you were married to him.

Anyway, a BA is enough for a teaching gig (and work permit), if that’s what you wanted to do. Of course there are other options, but quite often a tad harder to get.


No … you can’t work, not even doing volunteer work … you could go study chinese tho …

This thread might be useful to you;
[Can foreign dependents work in Taiwan?
In that thread,[quote=“Yellow Cartman”]Dependents on a non-ROC spousal JFRV will need to have a work permit issued to work legally. CLA has forms for all kinds (even students) of workers.[/quote]
So no AUTOMATIC right to work but OK if you get a work permit.

Before you get too excited, though, some more from that thread;[quote=“Yellow Cartman”][quote=“mascara”]So technically speaking, I can apply for ANY job, ranging from part-time waitress to full time professional, as long as they are willing to apply for a work permit on my behalf? [/quote]
Yes, that’s right.

Depends on the job. There are different classifications of those jobs in question. For technical, professional, there are definite salary requirements which are about NT 49,000 per month now. For others, I don’t know the exact salary requirement.[/quote]

No you can’t work. You are expected to stay at home and be a good little wifey. :fume:

Of course you can get your own work permit if you qualify to teach or work in a bank etc. That can be done after you arrive.

Come here on a visitor visa. Get your husband to send over a photocopy of his ARC, his work permit, and an original “zai zhi zhengming shu” or Certificate of Employment from the company issued recently. Ask for a two-month extendable visa.

You can definitely get an ARC to join your husband. I don’t think that’s an issue. The issue and one I’m concerned about for you, annex girl, is what you’d actually be able to do here.

A woman in Taiwan with no kids or anything challenging/constructive to do, is going to be a wife who’ll slowly go mad here. Studying Chinese is one thing but you might not want to do that. If being productive (e.g. working and earning $) is important to you, you’re going to have a major lifestyle and cultural adjustment to make. It’s not trivial to adjust in those circumstances. Who knows, YMMV.

I’ve lived and worked in Taiwan before. I still have friends and contacts there. I’m not worried about what I’ll do there, rather the legalities of how to navigate my way about. My number one concern is how to get an ARC based on my husbands. I’m trying to figure out the logistics - the paperwork.