Hydrofoil Transport, Water Shuttles, Water Taxis, etc. in Taiwan

Another story hearing and seeing in the news but nothing in writing about hydrofoil routes in Taiwan.

Keelung fur sure and maybe Hualian, others.

Not sure what this thread is supposed to be about…

Water transport, water shuttles, water taxis.

And why is that a topic people would want to spend time talking about…?

Maybe this one? This one started sailing to Hualien last September

News footage in Hakka

Faster and new transportation routes between locations in Taiwan.

Surely that’s worthy of discussion in a travel forum.


This one can get from Suao to Hualien in 70 minutes. While it’s pretty fast, doesn’t solve the issue of how to get to Suao in the first place.

OK, let me change the title a bit then, following Belgian_Pie’s suggestion, how about

“Water transport, water shuttles, water taxis in Taiwan”

These are high speed big boats that go up on hydrofoils.

Maybe high speed ocean going water transport Taiwan.

Definitely not a water taxi. More like a variation of a ferry between cities or Islands.

I dun no.

There are shuttle boats in Kao City Habour, some are for people only others you drive your motorbike or bike and another full auto ferry. And now you see this,



Are we going to combine taxis, buses, trains, and High-Speed Rail into one thread?

Or is this only things on water or ?

Taiwan travel forum isn’t really busy anyway so what are we trying to do everything in one thread?

We try to avoid opening too many threads no one interested posting in.

1 hour between Taipei and Kaohsiung?

The news has been reporting that Taipei and Kaohsiung will be less than 1 hour apart by wing-in-ground-effect vehicle.

I wonder where the terminals will be located?