Hyperloop: LA to SF in 30 minutes

This shit is beyond awesome, like something from a childhood fantasy.

I sincerely hope they try this.

[quote]His “Hyperloop” system for travel between major cities is akin to the pneumatic tubes that transport capsules stuffed with paperwork in older buildings.

In this case, the cargo would be people, reclining for a ride that would start with a force of acceleration like an airplane but then be turbulence free.

Capsules would catapult through a large, nearly air-free tube. Inside, they would be pulled down the line by magnetic attraction.

Each capsule would float on a cushion of air it creates — like an air hockey table in which the puck produces the air instead of the surface. To minimize friction, a powerful fan at the front would suck what air is in the tube to the rear.[/quote]

cbc.ca/news/technology/story … -musk.html

Am I the only one that thinks that with more people like Elon Musk, the world could be an awesome place? The dude knocked it out of the park with Tesla, then he turned to space travel, and now this. And he goes and makes it open source. This goes far beyond strict corporate thinking.

I would be totally behind a Musk-Bezos ticket in 2016. I’m not even sure Musk is a US citizen, but that wouldn’t stop me from voting for him!

This is not a new idea, but what’s great about Musk is he dreams big. He’s obviously not in it for the dollars and cents, but he makes money on most of his companies which support his goals. I’d also give kudos to the US federal government, which has helped support his companies through their contractor and subsidy schemes. Private-public done right can be a powerful thing.

Pneumatic tubes will never catch on.

First thing I was thinking when I saw this was if they could do this across the Taiwan strait. Most likely with some kind of submerged tube.