HYPNOSIS FUN Comedy Show . . . July 24


催眠秀 Comedy Hypnosis Show

When the Comedy is in Your Mind!

Comedy Hypnosis Show
July 24 at Live COMEDY CLUB Taipei

Event Info Name: HYPNOSIS FUN 樂在催眠
Tagline: When the Comedy is in Your Mind 用催眠打開內心的快樂製造機
Time: Friday, July 24, 2009, 10:00pm
Location: Live Comedy Club Taipei
Address: B1, No.24, Taishun St., (in the Shirda area)
City: Taipei, Taiwan
Contact Info Phone: 022.369.3730
Email: social@comedy.com.tw

7月24(五) 僅10:00pm場

BRIAN DAVID PHILLIPS performs a laugh filled comedy hypnosis shows at Live COMEDY CLUB Taipei! The HYPNOSIS FUN show has a distinct flavor in an engaging format and performed in a unique style!

HYPNOSIS FUN takes it to the next level with a special flavor of hypnotic entertainment . . . a wild hypnosis performance that takes you inside your wildest fantasies with hilarious twists and turns along the way in an interactive performance style that is completely unique while presenting hilarious hypnotic hijinx in a silly comedy stage show unlike any other. In this time of stress and worry, hypnosis is a wonderful tool for learning how happiness is an altered state of mind. While being entertained, audience members will see how one can program the mind with “happiness machines” that eliminate stress and flood the senses with positive emotional states while demonstrating the power of the imagination and how one can have a healthy mind. Of course, the comedy gags and silly hypnotic action will keep everyone mesmerized too!

Brian David Phillips - briandavidphillips.com - returns to the hypnotic stage at the Live COMEDY CLUB Taipei for a delightful evening of hypnotic comedy fun! Taiwan’s premiere comedy hypnosis show goes on stage for a very special evening of audience interactive comedy entertainment with a unique hypnotic comedy event.

July 24, 2008 . . . Friday (HYPNOSIS FUN, Comedy Hypnosis Show, Chinese-English, bilingual performance) . . . Comedy HYPNOSIS at its very best with this delightful performance by Brian David Phillips at Live COMEDY CLUB Taipei - Taipei, Taiwan, the show begins at 10:00pm.

Live Comedy Club Taipei - comedy.com.tw/english - is located at B1, No.24, Taishun St., (in the Shirda area), Taipei. Call 02-23693730 for directions or reservations. NT$300 for the show.

The first folks on site will receive a free specially produced hypnotic comedy DVD and a special “psychic” mind pendulum (limited supply; first come, first served).

Lorraine Phillips is once again acting as interpreter for the bilingual performance (as well as stage manager, audio manager, and the rest for the performance).

See “hypnosis show” at briandavidphillips.com for full details. Check out the promotional poster available for online viewing or full size download suitable for printing and framing.

Be sure to contact Live Comedy Club Taipei - comedy.com.tw - and give them a call at 02-23693730 for reservations now.

This is an “open” event so invite your friends. Hypnosis shows are interactive experiences so the more of your friends with you to enjoy the experience, the better the show and the more wonderful the evening’s entertainment! The expression “the more the merrier” is certainly true!

All the best,