Hypnotizing North Korean Traffic Girl

Title says it all:


  1. They have cars in Pyongyang??? Do they use them for livestock?

  2. Since I’m guessing the salaries are below crap in NK, why don’t they just hire 2 back to back? Or use some of their nuclear-waste based mutant Siamese twins for the job?

Doesn’t she get dizzy? A sore neck?
Very interesting video!

wow…that’s wow…erm…seriously not cool. Poor woman.

I love it when they gather 10 000 North Korean Traffic girls in one stadium for the dear leader.

A choreographer’s dream (sick bastards that choreographers are).

Charlie Chaplin would love it. Poor woman.

They have these girls at most intersections. When I was in Pyongyang the guide told me they had a pretty dangerous job, quite a few get run over each year.

It’s one of the pretty weird things about the place - these impeccably dressed and made up girls at each intersection performing in an exceptionally professional and formal manner. You can tell that they do this even when they’re not being observed by foreigners.

Doesnt seem like anyone is actually paying attention to her directions. They all seem to be just whizzing by her whatever.

That was great! Are you sure she’s real?

They work 15-minute shifts, and then they have a brief and slightly amusing “changing of the guard” where the baton is passed. Always very cute girls, whose routine is choreographed to robotic perfection.

OH! What a job, rivaled only by those xiaojies in Beijing working the lifts in residential buildings. They would get so sick and pale.