Hypothetically Speaking

If Forumosa were to have an impromptu Happy Hour within the next couple of weeks, with the tab picked up by Taiwan Beer, would you come? And what would be your choice of venue? Obviously it would have to be a place that sells Taipi

Apparently, Forumosa’s Taiwan Beer commercial has generated some more interest in the website, and a TV network is interested in covering a Happy Hour for a news piece on Forumosa, but they don’t want to wait until the second week of December. :smiley: Taiwan Beer would sponsor the Happy Hour to the extent that they’d pick up everyone’s bar tab, even if they don’t order Taiwan Beer. (We would probably have to hoist a few and smile in the general direction of the cameras, however.) :sunglasses:

Oh God, I’ve got a boner! Just a pity I’m down in Jiayi.

Free drinks? hell yeah! I am there.

Do I have to do anything to prove my forumosa-ness?

I’d be up for it! :slight_smile:

Buttercup promises to throw up and pass out under a table for forumosa.com, if it’s not on a work night (old… old…)

Good reason for me to take a trip to the “Big City”.
MikeN and TaidongRudeboy care to join me?

Damn, I picked the wrong month to quit drinking. :frowning:

Positive to the idea, and would like to paticipate, but depends on what date, as the weekends are filling up rapidly due to various pre-xmas activities.

FINALLY, someone to talk to at a HH who doesn’t slur their words after 10PM.:smiley:

Tuesday/Thursday good for me.

What about the new Alleycat’s. I’m sure Alley could get some Tai pi in especially?


I’m wondering if there is going to be any Chinese Borat’s there to make us all look like a bunch of complete tossers. I’m afraid to go.

That would be funny. No, but actually, free beer for furriners? Why?

Edit: D’oh, just read back, the TV thing. Actually, no way, I’m not doing TV advertising. But thanks anyway.

[quote=“almas john”]Oh God, I’ve got a boner! Just a pity I’m down in Jiayi.[/quote]…road trip:sunglasses:

Sounds good. Who would say no to a free bar tab!!!

Count me in!

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]What about the new Alleycat’s. I’m sure Alley could get some Tai pi in especially?
HG[/quote]HGC -
Being as loyalty is a common trait of beer drinkers, I see no reason to use a bar that doesn’t already serve Taiwan Beer.
If a house has made the unfortunate decision to not serve Taiwan Beer, rewarding them by allowing a huge publicity bonus such as this is a bit hypocritical…IMO.

I say find a place that has Taiwan Beer on draft, in 600 ml bottles and Party On!

Have a [color=blue]Cool Blue Flip-Flop[/color] contest!

Fortunately or not, Taiwan Beer drinkers are a dying breed. Has something to do with all that formaldehyde. :laughing:


Will there be girls there?

There were 4 females present at the last happy hour…

Remembering that line from ‘The Office’.

‘Yes, there will be girls at the party.’
‘Not the girls who work here. Pretty ones.’

I actually think the green bottle Taiwan Beer is pretty good. In fact I take as much home to NZ as i can fit in my case when I go, and it’s always well received. :slight_smile: