I am a local Taiwanese, but I don't always understand my culture


I have a friend who came to my house yesterday. She was sharing her story about her new job at a pet shop. She told me that her boss is a witch. Everyone who works for her, gets laid off after 3 months. She wants to quit. I mean her boss makes her to quit. She told her boss about her resignation. But, her boss still tells her to stay until she finds someone to replace her. But, the evil woman is being abusive to her every single day. She is always putting her down, bullying her looks and using ad-hominem. She said she doesn’t want to return. But, she is worried about getting another job. Because she thinks if she quits, the woman won’t give her a good reference. I told her that she doesn’t need that job as a reference. I feel sorry for my friend. She is only 19 and I visited her at the pet shop before. She works hard. I just feel that evil woman is taking her for grant. She promised her a salary initially, but she is paying 10,000 NT less than she promised.


Tell her to leave that job after she gets her salary but not before.

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Are you looking for advice or just sharing the story?


People are free to give an opinion. If they met someone like this evil boss, feel free to share the story. I want to know how people deal with them.


That woman didn’t pay her since last month. She said she will pay everything after she resigns. I doubt. I told her to leave or go to the Labor Office. She is a little afraid of the evil woman. Yeah, I saw that lady. She is not only a mean boss. But, I am sure she got a dark background. She has a Sugar daddy who pays for her rent. I saw the way she speaks and behaves. I am sure she worked as a prostitute and pimp in past. Because I picked up my friend at work. She had some young club girls showing up at her pet shop. They were combining about the prices of clients. Today, I called my friend and she will not return to work tomorrow. I was afraid because that kind of woman will be able to beat someone. But, she will be bailed out sooner since she got a Sugar daddy.


Your friend is still young and she won’t need this company’s recommendation when she go to look for another job.
Accepting this kind of abuse will, however, shape how her relationships with future bosses will be.
My two cents: She should put her for down and not accept any kind of abuse. Just quit. :2cents:


Yeah her story is good alright but I somehow get a GSAT essay vibe :joy:


Yeah, I put too much information because I get so angry about things like this. Sometimes, I wish I could do something if I don’t receive any life threats in the future.


She quit. She is not returning tomorrow and will not answer her phone calls. The reason I share it, it is because she works for someone unreasonable who got supports from pimps and a sugar daddy. Sometimes, it is easier to deal with only a mean boss than this type of person.


this is not the reason that you shared the story, but it is the story you shared.


I can’t stress this enough people.

GO TO YOUR LOCAL LABOUR AFFAIRS CENTRE. They will help you and do the law for you and help you win money from bosses like this. You dont need a recommendation from these kind of assholes. They won’t give you one anyway if you’re in this kind of situation. Don’t just walk out and give them a reason to fire you on paper. Get compensation now!

No recommendation vs No recommendation with free thousands of dollars? Which do you pick?

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I was clarifying that woman is not an easy one. I didn’t reveal her name or her address. But, I am a local. So, we have an idea about the people we are dealing with. It sucks to generalize. But, owing tons of people’s salaries and people are unable to defend themselves. Not because they don’t have rights. But, many people are afraid of consequences. Those people have your address. I didn’t want to mention what happened to another worker working there. It happened before my friend found this job. But, she didn’t know it was the same place. The girl was beaten when she demanded for her salary. The police was called. Then, why is this evil woman still running the pet shop? She was supposed to be in jail for beating someone until the girl was hospitalized.


Guys, my friend quit the job. If she is looking for her rights or not, I don’t know. But, I can’t say too much. Because people will know where this pet shop is located. I don’t want my friend to face any exposure since the evil woman was supposed to be in the jail once. But, I don’t get it how she was bailed out.


People should not support a business which had such practices. And the only way to not support it is knowing what place this is.
So yeah, you should let people know details about this shop.


It’s difficult in Taiwan to publicly talk about this stuff, libel and slander laws…


I don’t think it applies to anonymous posts in a forum, but okay :idunno:


If you know about the shop, there is nothing you can do. Because the shop was on the newspaper before. It was the same accusation. But, it was quickly removed from the news and nobody dared to speak about it again. So, you know what I mean. Some people can really play dirty.


Yep. Also, it was already reported before with the same motive. But, nothing happened to them. In contrary, the people who reported it had to move on and never speak about it again.


If thats the case, why did your friend choose to work there given its reputation?


She didn’t know when she found this job. She is only 19. Her first job was in a gas station. She is registered in the job placement office. They called and informed her about a job that pays more than the gas station. She was naive because she thought the job placement office would have the full information about this place. But, they don’t. She only discovered after the local neighborhood showed her the evidences and the newspaper report from 1 or 2 years ago. In addition, the evil boss was paying her salary 10 days later, and less than she promised her.